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They did the man's jobs while they were at war. Lots of women also contributed to the war effort by taking factory jobs and producing war machines

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Did woman work in World War 2?

yes that had to do mens jobs aswell as womens jobs

What are the similarities of the city and the country?

There were the same pets and the same jobs so those could be similarities between the country and city

What are similarities between government jobs and private sector jobs?

I don't find any similarities in Government and private job sectors becuase both are working on different parameters and guidelines.

What were traditional womens' roles and jobs before World War 2 in Australia?

The majority of the time in the past a womens role was basically to raise a family, when women persue jobs, the jobs usually require traits such caring and communication.Very frequent jobs are things like teaching, secretaries, factory workers, caring for children....

What were the similarities between the 1800's and nowadays?

Welll we both have transportation,school/education. and we both have jobs!

About womens jobs in World War 2?

they wanted to help to defeat the adolf hitler they had a great time by meeting new women

What is one major reason why the gap between mens wages and womens wages narrowed during World War 2?

During World War 2, many men who were normally working factory jobs were soldiers in the war, and factory jobs were necessary for the production of the weaponry and such needed for the war. Because of this, a campaign was led for women to take up those jobs, and so they were paid the wages those jobs were normally paid.

What are the difference and similarities between Malawi and England?

time , cropts ,money,working jobs,food suplise,water suplyes,climate,languije.

What are similarities between north and south India?

the people of both the hemispheres are indians.. that's the biggest similarity. they are always selected by mnc for jobs..

What were womens jobs in the thirteen colonies?

House work Caring for children teaching

What was womens role in history?

they had to take over all the mens jobs like divers cooks annd lots more to surport the ones in the world war two

What were the womens jobs to do during the Holocaust?

There were female camp guards, but Nazis has a policy of women being in the home, so there were not many women's jobs.

Why is it important to protect women's rights?

be cause without womens rights we wouldn't have jobs or schooling or the right to vote that's why it's important to protect womens rights

What are mens and womens jobs in the ice age times?

Men's jobs were to hunt mammoths, reindeer, woolly rhinos, ect. Women's and children's jobs were to cook, build a shelter, and make the clothing.

What does jobinjob mean?

it means in between jobs to see press this ๐Ÿ‘‰ #brightside

What was the womens roles in the 1870s?

The women's jobs were too be devoted to their families. They had no input in anything and they were expected to serve their husbands.

What were the ancient Maya womens jobs?

Bearing and raising children, housework, raising and gathering food animals and crops.

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