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Correct STOCK size is 5" x 7" for front and rear speakers. You have to cut the doors metal to make 6x9 speakers fit. REFERENCE :

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Q: What size door speakers can you put in a 1999 ford explorer?
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What size speakers in a 1999 Ford Explorer front door and rear door?

6" X 8"

How do you remove the rear door speakers from a ford explorer?


Are there struts on a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport utility?

No , the 1999 Ford Explorer Sport and the 1999 Ford Explorer 4 door have shock absorbers front and rear

Overall length of a 1999 Ford Explorer?

191.2 inches for the 4 door ( according to the 1999 Ford Explorer Owners Guide )

What is the fuel tank capacity for a two door 1999 Ford Explorer?

For a 1999 Ford Explorer , two door : According to the Owner Guide : ( 65.5 litres / 17.3 U.S. gallons )

How long is a four door Ford Explorer from bumper to bumper?

According to the ( 1999 ) Ford Explorer Owner Guide , the 4 door is ( 191.2 inches long )

How many gallons of gas does 1999 Ford Explorer sport v6 hold?

The two door , 1999 Ford Explorer has a ( 17.3 U.S. gallon gas tank )

Will a door on 1998 Ford Explorer 2door fit on a 1992 Ford Explorer?

No, the door on a 1998 Ford Explorer will not fit a 1992 Ford Explorer.

Can you add a third seat to a 1999 explorer?

A 1999 Ford Explorer is not designed to have a third row seat . The third row seat was available starting with the 2002 Ford Explorer four door model

What size are the front and rear speakers on a 2001 ford explorer 4 door?

6" X 8"

How many speakers does a 2002 explorer have?

How many speakers does a ford explorer xlt 2002 have

What size speakers are in a 2001 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer?

what are the speakers sizes for a 2001 ford explorer eddie bauer

How many gallons does a v8 1999 explorer hold?

The 1999 Ford Explorer owners manual shows ( 20.8 U.S. gallons ) for the 4 door

What is the size of the door speakers in the 1994 ford explorer.?

I used 6x8 in my Explorer XLT. Pioneer makes a model 6870R that fits perfectly.Answer6X8

What are size of the door speakers on a 1999 reg cab ford ranger?

You can use 5x7 or 6x9

Where is the fuel filter on a 1999 ford explorer xls?

underneath the Explorer , below the drivers door , mounted in the frame rail

Fuel filter location on 1999 Ford Explorer?

Underneath the Explorer , below the drivers door , mounted on the frame rail

How many gallons does it take to fill up a 1999 Ford Explorer?

all of them ======================================================== According to the 1999 Ford Explorer Owner Guide : The fuel tank on the 4 door holds ( 20.8 U.S. gallons )

What are the standard speaker sizes for a Ford fiesta 1999 front door speakers cheersss?

13cm or 5.25"

Procedure for replacing horn on 1999 Ford Explorer?

where is the horn located on a 1999 ford explorer?

What type of freon is in 1999 Ford Explorer?

freon for 1999 ford explorer =========================== r134a ( Helpfull )

What size are the stock speakers in the front and back doors of a 1998 Ford Explorer XLT?

most ford explorers have 5x7 and you might fit an 8 in the door.

What size speakers are in a 2001 ford explorer xlt?

6x8 oval speakers

How do you fix blend air door on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

how do i replacement my blend door in my 1998 ford explorer

What is the tow capacity of a 1999 ford explorer 4 door 2 wheel drive?

5000 lbs