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either a 305 (5L) or a 350 (5.7L) I know there was also a 6 cylinder but not sure if it came in thisTo be more exact, It is likely it is a 301Y motor. This was the corporate engine for GM and they put a lot of them in the wagons. Count back from the last letter of theVIN to # 10. If it is a "Y" that tells you. I am in the process of swapping from a Y motor to a Chevy 350 now. (easier to work on)

CORRECTION TO THIS ANSWER - The Y motor is not a 301. It is a 307. The 301 was a Pontiac engine that was discontinued in the late 70's or early 80's. The 307 (which is an Oldsmobile engine) was, infact, the replacement for the Pontiac, Buick and Cadillac engines. Another variant of the Y block was the 9, which is a roller cam version of the 307. Almost no Chevys ever came with an Olds 307. Caprices and Impalas almost always had 305s but many came with 350s, such as the 9C1s and special order vehicles.

In 1989 the B-Bodies could have 4.3L V6, 305 V8, 350 V8, 307 V8 and a Diesel V8. Your wagon almost definitely has a 305.

The best way to tell is to either read your VIN or the RPO Sheet (either in the Glove Box or, more likely, on the inside lid of the rear seat lid). Look for the code that begins with L. This is your engine code. (Go here to see an example:

This is, of course only what your car had originally. To tell if your car has a Chevy or Olds engine, just look for where the oil is added. If it is in the Valve cover, it is a Chevy. If it is in a tall tube at the front of the intake, it is an Olds.

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2011-09-13 13:17:09
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Q: What size engine comes in a 1989 caprice wagon?
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