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What size engine should you get in a motorcycle?


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Many factors affect choice of engine size. Of prime importance is the licence you hold and any restriction to engine size that it carries. After that it is what you want the bike for and the type of bike that best suits the purpose. Then it is what bike in that group fits you best, regardless of engine size. The best bike is the one you are part of not the one you perch on. Finally, engine and performance depend on what you want to do, the type of riding you intend to do, your weight, your passenger/gear weight. Then the engine itself; Japanese multi cylinder engines need high revs to produce power and a 'good size ' for general use is about 600cc and is probably the most economical in terms of servicing, fuel economy, insurance etc. Twins and singles (excluding Ducati and Vrod) are lower revving but have a lot more torque for pulling up hills and carrying weight but generally less acceleration and a lower top speed.


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Engine size has nothing to do with the definition of a motorcycle. If it has 2 wheels, powered by an engine and has no pedals it's a motorcycle.

varies based on the type of motorcycle and the engine size

Any size motorcycle engine, can be operated on the highway in the state of Ohio. The motorcycle must meet certain requirements such as; turn signals and taillights.

You can tell the size of a Kawasaki motorcycle engine by reading the owner's manual that came with the bike. Sometimes, the size of the motor is written on the bike in cubic centimeters.

A motorcycle engine is 150cc. This size engine is going to be installed on a small motorcycle, probably an off road bike that has a top speed of about 35 mph.

For the engine size (865) and reliability...The Triumph America

Depending on size of engine approx. 50 mpg


It depends on the motorcycle engine,size and height.

because a motorcycle engine is smaller in comparison to a cars engine. a motorcycle also puts out more power for its size than a car engine. To do this it must create a large amount of centrifugal force and to do this it spins faster. This reduces the maximum amount of torque available, but due to the small size of motorcycle, and rider, the torque is not necessary, and can even be dangerous. A car requires alot of torque in order to move, so the engine must be made of heavier materials and moved slower.

An 800cc engine has a size of 800 cubic centimeters. This kind of engine would likely be found on a motorcycle or four wheeler.

If you operate any two wheel motorcycle with an engine size greater than 50 cc, a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license or a motorcycle-only license is required.

Depends on the torque of the motorcycle and the road conditions. Generally, don't let the engine labour and don't make the engine scream.

Impossible to say. Some manufacturers include the size in the number, some don't. It's up to the company in question.

Bicycles were invented first. Then someone added a small engine to them. The engine size grew. The need for pedals went, so they were taken off. Thus the motorcycle was born.

To my limited knowledge that would make it a 600 cc from possibly a -95 gsx600f

Ordinarily, liabilit insurance is required. In most states, depending upon the size of the engine, motorcycles are deemed to be motor vehicles.

It depends on the size of the engine. Here in Wisconsin, under 50cc does not require a license. Check with the DMV, they will have the info on engine size requirements and motorcycle licenses.

As long as you have a valid motorcycle license you can ride any size bike at any age.

CC stands for Cubic Centimeters, and refers to engine size - the cylinder volume to be precise.

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