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Air compressor for what purpose?

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Q: What size home air compressor do you need?
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What size air compressor for spraying texture?

For a Marshalltown Sharpshooter I texture gun you need a compressor that will do 7CFM @ 25psi.

You want to run power from your home you have a 200 amp in the house to a garage that you recently built you have 110 and 220 outlets The only 220 you plan on running is a small air compressor What?

The voltage for the air compressor is needs to come from a double (two) pole breaker. The size of the breaker needs to be 250% of the full load amps of the compressor. The wire size to the compressor has to be 125% of the full load amps of the compressor.

What is a pancake compressor?

A pancake compressor is a small, portable air compressor used for home and commercial jobs where a smaller volume of air is needed.

Do you have to put an air compressor on your car to make it into a lowrider?

Yes you need an air compressor that will give you an adjustable air suspension.

Which small air compressor is best for a home workshop?

Here are many air compressor out there, and all of them have up and downs. The air compressor need a tank to compress air and for a nail gun a 1 gallon compressor may not do the job because the compressor is constantly compressing the tank, a big compressor will take up more room. For a small job you may want a oil free compressor $100~200, for a large job you may want a $300~500 oiled compressor.

How do you you recharge a paintball compresed air tank with home materials?

You need an air compressor of 3000 or 4500 psi depending on your tank, or just hook up a 800 psi compressor straight to your gun

12v Air Compressor?

form_title= 12v Air Compressor form_header= An air compressor is essential for your workplace. What will the air compressor be used for?* = _ How many air tools will you be using at the same time?* = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, More than 10} What source of power do you need the compressors to interface with?* = _ Do you need the compressors to be portable?* = () Yes () No () Not Sure

What air compressor do you need to remove lugnuts off your truck?

Any air compressor that can achieve and hold 100psi will run an air gun. the larger the tank the more lugs you can remove before the compressor will need to run again.

Where can one purchase a portable air compressor?

One can purchase a portable air compressor in online stores such as Amazon or Home Depot. They are also available on eBay, Lowe's Store or Air Compressor Direct.

Where can one purchase air compressor accessories?

There are many retailers that sell "air compressor accessories." Popular locations include home improvement stores such as "Sears," "Home Depot," and "Air Compressors Direct."

How do you fix ac on Chevy Caprice classic?

You will need to check the condenser for leaks, also check the air compressor, you can check the air compressor by turning on the ac, look and see if the front of the air compressor is turning. If the air compressor is not coming on you will need to replace it.You can also check your 134a level. hope this helps.

What size electric motor do you need to run an air compressor I have a furnace blower motor. Would that be suitable or do I need a heavier duty one?

It would all depend on the size of the compressor. If it's a small one(like for an airbrush gun) it might just work, but if it's a compressor to power impact wrenches or similar it'd probably not work.

How are air compressors different from air conditioning compressors?

Air Conditioning compressors always use in the home, it is small and cheap price, In generally, we think that air compressor is industrial air compressor, which this kind of air compressor use in factory and mining machinery, to compressed air.

AC Compressor Replacement ?

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What is the largest horsepower an air compressor can have?

There is not really a largest size that is set in stone when it comes to air compressors. Your best bet would be to check out the air compressor guide on

My ac won't work on 96 blazer?

It is possible the air compressor is bad. You will need to replace the air compressor, so the air will work again.

Does a home air conditioning compressor have an internal relief valve that equalizes pressure across the compressor?


What is the Average warranty for a home air conditioning compressor?

If its a copeland scroll compressor it should be Life time..

Why does an air conditioner need a compressor?

The compressor is needed for the cooling of the air. This works the same way the compressor of a fridge or a freezer work. It uses the physical principle of a heat pump.

What is the Conclusion of air compressor?

The conclusion of and air compressor is a supply of air. The air compressor generates air that is stored in a tank.

Air Compressor Reviews?

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How do you fix the air conditioner on a 1999 camaro if it will only blow out hot air?

check the free on in the compressor and if that's not it you will need a new compressor

Does your home heating system use the air conditioner compressor for air flow?

No, the compressor only draws out the heat from air. The blower motor either blows warm air or cold air.

Is a dual stage air compressor better than a single stage air compressor?

Yes and no. The dual stage compressor runs louder (usually), but it takes less time to fill and keep the tank at optimum pressure (recovery time), the dual stage is also the more expensive. The size air compressor should be determined by the amount of air and/or size or number of tools you will be using at the same time.

Where's the best place to buy air compressor parts?

There are many good places where someone can purchase air compressor parts. Stores like Walmart, Sears, Lowes and Home Depot all sell air compressor parts.

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