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What size hub socket on 1994 explorer?


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Automatic hubs require a 2 3/8" socket which can be found at most autoparts stores.


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The big nut on the end of the axle shaft is 1 1/4 in

The hub bolts use a 14mm twelve point socket.

I've read that it's 36mm.

The front hub takes a 35mm deep socket. (It is not necessary to remove the hub to change the rotor.)

The Socket Size for a 2001 Sephia Is a 32 mm

It takes a 1 3/8 socket. That is one and three eights.

36 miilimiter for the spindle nut and 13 millimeter 12 point socket for the three bolts holding on the hub assembly to the steering knuckle.

T-55 Torx Socket (DO NOT USE AN ALLEN WRENCH) - To remove the 3 bolts that secure hub assemble to steering knuckle. 1 -3/16 deep socket - To remove axle spindle nut.

not sure what size nut it is on hub,but it will be a metric size. also depending on what side of vehicle you are working, it may be left hand thread

Some will say 1-1/4" but I just did mine and it was 31mm.

you do not use a socket you use a wheel bearing puller to remove it from the hub Putting a right size socket into it and hitting it with a hammer can pop the bearing out, but it can also damage it so its advised to get the right tools. size 30 mm for the wheel nut and the bearing puller

A 11/16 socket is needed to remove the 1984 Chevrolet pickup front axle hub assembly. The socket should be a five-point socket.

36mm 12 pt, you require a thin walled socket to remove and replace them.

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