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there is no such thing as a hydraulic motor........there is, however, a hydraulic pump. there is such thing as a hydraulic motor. the hydraulic pump will pump oil to the motor and a pressure differential across the motor causes the fluid power to be converted to mechanical power. the power output of the motor is determined by the motor's pressure, flow, displacement, and torque. ________________________________________________________________ I believe the above post is wrong in part and right in part. Choosing a hydraulic motor to replace you 16hp gas engine requires more information than just the horsepower. It would be helpful to know many other factors, such as required torque needed in the application and the rpm. When these play a part in overall horsepower, knowing these pieces of information will help find a motor. When I've purchased motors in the past, I've used this website. They are very thorough and well-priced. What I took away from the response above, is the person was trying to tell you how to replace a whole hydraulic system. However, its needed in your case, so long as you have a new power source for the hydraulic motor. (IE: a gas engine to power a hydraulic pump, then lines from the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic motor (insert a valve if you wish to control motor speed and/or direction), and then the hydraulic motor. Its important to have a hydraulic tank with enough capacity to hold all the fluid which will be in motion. The more devices in the system, the bigger the tank. Hope this helps!!

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Q: What size hydraulic motor is needed to be equal to a 16 hp gas engine?
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What size hydraulic motor is needed to be equal to a 3 hp electric motor?

1 HP electric motor = 1.5 HP hydraulic motor so for a 3 HP electric motor you would need a 4.5 HP hydraulic motor. Also for your information a 1 HP hydraulic motor = 1 2/3 HP gasoline engine.

How do you add hydraulic fluid to Porsche convertible top motor?

You can add hydraulic fluid to Porsche convertible top motor by popping open your engine hood and then pouring the hydraulic fluid into the appropriate compartment.

What causes pressure in a hydraulic system?

Hydraulic pump that produces pressure in a hydraulic system. It takes energy to pump the electric motor or engine mechanical.

What is a hydrostatic system?

Hydrostatic systems take the mechanical rotary output of an engine or electric motor and convert it to a hydraulic source of power using a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic power is converted back to mechanical power using a hydraulic motor

Can a hydraulic motor be used as helm pump?

Instead of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic gear motor does not work. Hydraulic pump hydraulic motor blade is used instead.

Explain how hydraulic pressure is maintained in a hydraulic system?

A power source - such as a combustion engine or electric motor - mechanically actuates a pump which pushes hydraulic fluid through it. This maintains pressure in the hydraulic system.

How do you calculate hydraulic motor torque?

how to calculate hydraulic motor torque

What is the difference between motor and hydraulic motor?

electro running on electric and hydraulic running o hydraulic

What is hydraulic cylinder linear and hydraulic motor?

Only the sweep is linear cylinder. Motor rotates the hydraulic oil pressure.

What is the difference between hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor?

A hydraulic pump uses an external mechanical force to pressurize the hydraulic fluid. A hydraulic motor uses the pressurized hydraulic fluid to apply a mechanical force an external machine. See the difference between a pump and a motor.

What is a motor vane?

It is a hydraulic motor housing containing a vane that turns the shaft when hydraulic fluid is pump through the motor.

What does the cubic inch displacement mean on a hydraulic motor?

It means how much oil is needed to make the motor turn one full revolution. If you have a 32 Cubic Inch Hydraulic Motor, you would need to push 32 cubic inches of oil through that motor to turn it once. Using the same hydraulic pump, a smaller cubic inch motor would cause higher speed, but less torque.

Is the convertible top motor hydraulic or electric?

It is both, an electric motor runs a hydraulic pump.

What is the difference between a hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump?

A hydraulic pump will be powered by a mechanical source, such as a combustion engine or electric motor. The input shaft actuates a mechanism which pushes fluid through it, thus converting the mechanical energy into fluid energy. A hydraulic motor is powered by the flow of hydraulic fluid through it, and will use this fluid energy to power a mechanical device - typically, a shaft, thus converting fluid energy to mechanical energy.

What is hydraulic controller?

A hydraulic or hydrostatic drive system or hydraulic power transmission is a drive or transmission system that uses hydraulic fluid under pressure to drive machinery. The term hydrostatic refers to the transfer of energy from flow and pressure, not from the kinetic energy of the flow. Such a system basically consists of three parts. The generator (e.g. a hydraulic pump, driven by an electric motor, a combustion engine or a windmill); valves, filters, piping etc. (to guide and control the system); the motor (e.g. a hydraulic motor or hydraulic cylinder) to drive the machinery.

What size electric motor is needed to drive a 3KW generator?

A 5 HP motor or engine should do the job.

How many amps equal 3.5 horsepower?

To answer this question the voltage of the motor is needed.

What is hydraulic ram servo?

A hydraulic piston is also known as a servo or a motor.

How the correlation between hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump?

Internally, they're pretty much the same. The difference is the operation expected of it - a hydraulic pump converts mechanical energy to fluid energy, whereas a hydraulic motor converts hydraulic energy to mechanical energy.

Can hydraulic pump can be used as hydraulic motor?

Not usually but some commercial gear pumps can be used as hydraulic motors.

What size motor is a 5.3L Chevy motor?

The 5.3L engine would equal aprox 327 cubic inches.

What is hydraulic motor?

A hydraulic motor is actuated by the hydraulic fluid which is pumped into it, and will use this fluid energy to turn a shaft or mechanical gearset, thus converting fluid energy into mechanical energy.

What is difference between hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump?

A hydraulic motor uses hydraulic pressure to drive it. Simplest hydraulic motor is a water wheel which uses a directed water stream to move it. Hydraulic motors are used to operate other equipment directly. A hydraulic pump on the other hand is used to move hydraulic fluid for use elsewhere. Hydraulic pumps are powered by motors or engines and are not used to operate other equipment directly. Internally pumps and motors are quite different and cannot typically be interchanged.

Is a 2007 5.7l hemi an interference engine?

They say they are not but my chain broke and wrecked my whole motor I needed s new engine!

What is the difference between hydraulic pump and motor?

hydraulic pumps are pressuring the fluid by using mechanical energy while the hydraulic motor take fluid pressur e as input energy & gives torque as mechanical energy.