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10 or under 4-8

11 5-8

12 5-10

13 6-10

14 6-12

15 8-12

16 8-14

17 10-12

18 fully grown 12-6

in children sizes excepted 18 yo is 6 in womens only very tall ones

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How do I know what size clothes my kid should be wearing?

Usually kids wear the size clothes that correspond to their age; however the best fit for your child is what size is comfortable with growing room. Personnly I buy about 1 size larger than the age.

What should be age difference between ideal couple for marriage?

The ideal age difference should be between 4 and 7.

What clothes size should a 12 year old girl be?

Well, there is no right size for you're age... everyone is different!So dont worry.

If you wear a size 10 in women's what size would you wear in a junior?

if you wear a size 10 women's clothing then age 15/16 clothes should fit you in juniour sizes

What is the average size for 3 year old girl clothes?

age 2 to age 4

What American children's clothes size is a British age 7?


What size clothes does a two year old girl wear?

size three or four depending on there age

What size clothes does a five year old wear?

The average 5 year old wears size 5. But if they are big I would go with a size 6-7 normally stores do childrens clothes by age so it would be age 5.

Is Tom Daley skinny?

No, Tom is not skinny, he is the ideal weight, 10stone, and size for an athlete his age.

What is Hollie Steel's dress size?

At age 14 now she has posted many times that she was age 12 in her clothes.

What is the ideal weight for a 5'3 woman age 41?

The ideal weight for a woman that height and age can be anywhere between 105-140 pounds. It can also vary - depending on your frame size, you can weigh more/less than that and still be considered an ideal weight!

What size clothes does a 4 year old girl wear?

4T age 4

If your 12 years old where should you buy your clothes from?

You should go to a store that is appropriate for your age. And select a style for your age.

My weight is 41kg my height is 5 3'' my age is 15 what is my ideal weight and how can i gain weight?

At your age you should be less than most adults are concerned about their height and weight because your body is changing rapidly. For this reason, it's difficult to say what your ideal weight is. It's also dependent upon your frame size. Also, you didn't specify if you're male or female. At 5'3'' as a male, your ideal weight should be in the range of 130-153 lbs depending on your frame size, i.e. small, medium, large. For a female, your ideal weight should be in the range of 111-147 lbs. Remember these figures are for adults and you should probably be a bit less as a 15 year old.

Ideal waist for 5'4?

The ideal waist for a woman with the height of 5'4" should be around 32 inches or less. Age is also a factor.

Im 27 and 4'11 how much should i weigh?

about 117 is ideal for your height and age.

What is the ideal weight for a 14 year old?

There is no ideal weight for somebody your age. It depends on tons of factors (height, frame size, activity level, muscle mass, etc.), not just age. If you're concerned about your weight, talk to your doctor to see if you're in an ideal weight range.

What is the ideal age for children going to nursery?

the ideal age is 3 years old.

What size clothes does a 7 year old girl wear?

Usually she would wear age 6-7 or 7-8 sized clothes, but depending on her weight and height, the size could vary dramatically.

What is the ideal weight of 24 years old women?

Ideal weight is worked out by height not age. Ideal weight is worked out by height not age.

What size basketball should i get?

well it depends... usually it will say the size and what age it's good for on the box. but it depends on your age

What age should you have breasts to size 32a?


What bra size should you be wearing?

depends on your age

What size or age should a child be to sit in the front seat of car in North Carolina?

The age should be 12.

What should a girl wear age 10?

Clothes suitable for her culture that do not prematurely sexualise her.