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An old mine cut diamond that measures 7mm possesses one measurement that is 7mm.

No other data about the diamond can be deduced about the diamond given this measurement.


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Since cushion cut is a rather square cut, one must assume that your diamond measures 7mm x 7mm. In this case, it weighs approximately two carats.

If a diamond is a round cut, the mm size at the girdle is about seven if the diamond weighs about 1.25 carats. Other gemstones have different weights relative to their mm measurements.

A round cut diamond measuring 7 millimeters across is roughly the equivalent of 1.25 carats. Millimeters is a unit of measurement that describes the size of an object, and carats are used to measure the weight.

A brilliant cut diamond of one carat weighs exactly the same as a mine cut of one carat.

Grammatically, mine cut is proper. You can read more about how this cut got its name, below.

You may be thinking of a mine cut, a cut of diamond favoured in the early 1800s. You can read more about this cut and its place within the history of diamond cuts, below.

'Perfect' is relative. A diamond is valued by its cut -- mine cut in this case, its carat weight, its clarity and its colour. You can take your stone to a local gemologist who can help you establish a value for this diamond.

This millimeter measurement across the girdle of a round cut diamond may be equal to about 1.25 carats in weight. A certified gemologist can give you the exact weight of your diamond.

A two carat round brilliant cut stone will measure about 8.2 mm. A different cut will have a different measurement.

The size of the stone used in a 2ct princess cut diamond engagement ring is 8.2mm. This size is measured using a pair of brass calipers. The size can vary, depending on how deep the diamond is, but as a guide 8.2mm is a fair estimate.

7MM metric hex. Sears has them in the socket hex for $11. Get the long socket hex and cut it to size.

If you agree that the Cullinan I is the biggest cut diamond, it came from South Africa. All natural diamonds come from the earth, regardless of their raw size or their finished size.

Your acronym dwt p-cut is not a standard that can be related to a diamond.If dwt is diamond weight, and if p-cut translates to princess cut, then you've given the diamond weight in carats as 6.20.

The value of a diamond depends on its cut, colour, carat weight and its clarity. A local jeweler can answer your question.

An estimate for a diamond with this measured cut may be about three carats.

Yellow diamond rings can cost anywhere from $1500 to $500,000. It all depends on the cut of the diamond, the size of the diamond, and the quality of the diamond.

Only diamond can cut diamond.

A "cushion" diamond refers to the shape of the diamond, which in this case looks a bit like a cushion. It is an older cut that is making it's way back into stores today. It is square with rounded corners and somewhat like the "Old Mine Cut".

The Golden Jubilee diamond was found in the blue ground of the Premier mine in South Africa. The Golden Jubilee was cut by Gabriel Tolkowsky, whose family is Belgian. The exact location of the DeBeers-commissioned cut is not documented. You can read more about this diamond, below.

No. Only another diamond can cut a diamond.

You cut a diamond with either another diamond or a laser.

No. Only diamond can cut diamond.

The diamond weighs 40/100ths of a carat. Other measurements depend on the style of its cut.

A radiant cut diamond is a diamond cut invented in 1977 by Henry Grossbard that infuses the rectangualar or square shape of an emerald cut diamond with the brilliance of a round diamond.

A 1 carat princess cut E color, VVS2 clarity, GIA certified diamond is $5029. For further details you can email at

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