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Q: What size is a Blu-ray DVD box?
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Does x-box have a bluray?

No it does not it has a standard DVD player

Does samsung DVD player have bluRay capabilites?

A Samsund DVD Player does come with the bluRay capability. on other ocassions you will need to upgrade your software. To be more sure, check the manual that came inthe box where you purchased the item.

What movie box do you think is more recommended or better the Blu-ray box or the DVD box when you purchase a film?

When you buy a movie I would suggest you purchase a film that has a cover preferably a shiny cover because it will protect the plastic of the box. The blu ray box gives it a better view because it's smaller and it is blue, and plus it doesn't break as easy as the black and bigger dvd box. I made this error myself where I bought a movie that was in a bluray and dvd combo pack and purchased it with the dvd box just because the cover and the artwork was bigger, but I never realized at the much better quality the bluray box has. I regret buying six of my favorite movies in a dvd box rather than a bluray box. So when you go to Target or Walmart in my opinion I would go for purchasing the bluray box, and make sure that the cover is not damaged because many customers don't treat the limited time films like if it was fragile.

Why isn't The Avengers DVD out in 3d but the bluray is?

Beacaus bluray is newer and they think everybody has a bluray player... eventually it will come on dvd.

Can a Sony DVD player play a Blu-ray DVD?

A DVD player cannot play a BluRay disc. A BluRay player can play both BluRay discs and DVDs.

Can Bluray be played on any DVD player?

no i think they(bluray) cannot be played on dvd's

Your bluray DVD player does not use five point one sound with your bluray movie but does with your music DVD?

Could be nothing more than the Bluray DVD's that you're watching aren't encoded in 5.1 surround.

Can Blu-ray DVD work on computer?

BluRay discs need a BluRay drive to be read. They won't work in a standard DVD drive but if the computer has a BluRay drive, then it should be able to play BluRay discs with ease.

Can you play a Bluray DVD on a regular DVD player?


Do BluRay DVD players also play non Blu-Ray DVD's?

Yes, BluRay DVD players also play non Blu-Ray DVDs with no problem.

Can bluray be played on a laptop?

If the laptop has a bluray player, if not only regular Dvd's will be playable.

What DVD players play burnt DVD's?

can you play burned DVD on a bluray player

Can you copy blu ray disc onto DVD?

A Bluray disc stores five times more data than a DVD. Therefore, a DVD will not have the capacity to store the contents of a Bluray disc.

Can the dvd super multi dl drive play and record Blu-ray?

DVD players and drives cannot handle Bluray discs, whether recording to them or reading from them. Bluray players and drives on the other hand can use DVD discs as well as Bluray discs.

Can Xbox 360 play bluray DVD?


Can DVD player with upscaling play a Blu-ray disc?

DVD players cannot play Bluray discs. The lasers and the data storage are different so no data can be read from a Bluray disc in a DVD drive. That is the case whether or not there is any up-scaling available in the player. Bluray players on the other hand are quite happy to play DVDs as well as Bluray discs.

Can you play bluray videos on regular DVD players?

no. u can only play 'em on bluray players or ps3

Does my bluray player play a regular DVD?

According to newer bluray systems will upscale your current DVD collection to 1080i. So not only will it play them but they will actually look better.

Can you play Blu-ray discs on a high definition DVD player?

The introduction of high definition discs saw two formats launched. Bluray is one and HD DVD was the other. The format war was won by the Bluray system and HD DVD was withdrawn in 2009. Both Bluray and HD DVD are high definition players but note that "HD DVD" is the name of the format and is confusingly close to the generic description of high definition disc players. Bluray and HD DVD are not compatible so a disc of one type will not play on the other format. There are a handful of dual format disc players but they were expensive and few were sold. If you have HD DVD discs then you need to hand on to an HD DVD player if you want to watch them. All high definition discs on sale now are Bluray and of course will need a Bluray player to play them.

When does planet of the apes come out on DVD?

All of the Planet of the Apes movies are on DVD and BluRay.

Explain difference between DVD player up-converting DVD player and Blu-ray DVD player?

Up-converting refers to the scaling of a standard definition signal such as a DVD output to an HD video format. It does NOT make a DVD into a high definition player and the image quality is not improved with the conversion. A Bluray player will play Bluray discs in HD quality as Bluray discs store HD video content.

Can you play a bluray disc in a older DVD player?


Does regular DVD play on bluray player?


Can Bluray player play regular DVD?


Which disk format did HD DVD loose out to?