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5 1/4" speakers

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Q: What size speackers can fit in 1998 Chevy lumina?
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What is the tire size of 1998 Chevy Lumina?

If there 16" 225/60/16

What all size motors will mount up to a 1996 Chevy lumina?

Is that lumina van or lumina car? BClear. 3100, 3400.

Is the radiator on a 1995 Chevy Lumina and a 1997 Lumina the same?

depends on the engine size and the transmission type.

What size wiper blades for a 97 Chevy lumina?


What size tires are on 2001 Chevy Lumina?

Original Equipment Size: 205/70-15

What size tires fit a 1996 Chevy lumina van?


What are the size of the speakers in a 1995 firebird?

8in speackers

Will 22 inch rims fit on a 1997 Chevy lumina?

yes they will but, you have to get the correct size rim and tire. i recommend a 22x8.5 rim with a offset of at least 34 with the tire size being 245/30/22.

What is the size for a 1999 Chevy lumina front speakers?

5 1/4 inch

How many gallons of gas does a 1997 Chevy lumina hold?

When owning a car it is important to remember the vehicles gas tank size. The 1997 Chevy Lumina has a gas tank that hold 17.1 gallons of gas.

What is the tire size on a 1991 Chevy Lumina?

Listed on the driver's door post and in your owner's manual.

What size tires are good for a 1996 Chevy lumina?

Stock sizes for this year lumina depends on the size of wheel that you have. Here's what the factory installed. 15" Wheels: P205/70R15 16" Wheels: P225/60R16

What size torx bit do you need on a 96 Chevy lumina for the rotter on breaks in the front tire?


Where is the crank sensor on a Chevy Lumina Z34?

what year? and what size engine? crank sensors are in different locations based on year and engine size.

What size tires fits a 1997 Chevy lumina?

The correct size is listed in your owners manual and on a placard located on the drivers door post.

What size speakers does a Chevy Lumina take?

5 1/4" in the front doors6x9" in the rear

The question is what size motor does a 1990 Chevy Lumina 4 door have?

Well, I have a 1990 Lumina Euro, 4 door and it has a 3.1 in it. Yours should have the engine size on the block. Mine does. Just pop the hood and look on top. :o)

Would 17 inch tires fit on a 93 Chevy Lumina van?

The majority of the 93 Chevy Lumina vans requires a size 14 tires. A size 17 would not fit properly on the van. While you can spend extra money to have the van altered to fit the tires, it isn't worth it in the long run.

What is the length of the dipstick that goes in a 3.1 Chevy Lumina motor?

The length of the transmission dipstick that goes in a Chevy LuminaÊ3.1Êmotor is 24 inches. This is a common size for the 3.1 engine.

What size is the oil pan bolt on a 2000 Chevy lumina?

15 mm just verified it on a great 2000 lumuina

What size bolts hold calipers on a 1998 Chevy prizm?

You need 54mm bore bolts for a caliper for a 1998 Chevy Prism.

What size tires will fit on a 1993 Chevy lumina?

And again pertinent information is left out. But I will answer anyway. Lumina--195/75-14 Lumina Eurosport--205/70-15 or 215/60-16 Lumina Z34--215/60-16

What size are the dash speackers in 94 gmc?

The front dash speakers are 4 x 6.

What size engine in 1998 Chevy 1500 van?

The 1998 Chevy Express 1500 Van could have the 4.3, 5.0 or the 5.7 engine.

Tire size 1999 Chevy Lumina?

Standard tire size is 205/70-15 Optional size is 225/60-16 This information is listed on the driver's door post or somewhere else on the car.