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Q: What size speaker is for the front door of a 92 Honda accord?
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What is the front speaker size for a 1993 Honda accord lx?

The front speakers in a 1993 Honda Accord LX are located in the door. They are 6 1/2" 2-way speakers.

What are the front door speaker sizes for a 92 Honda Accord LX 4 door sedan?

The speaker size for the front doors in a '92 Accord are 6.5". Just as an add-in: This will tell you about front, back, all years.

How do you take off the front door speaker cover on a 1998 Honda accord v6 ex 4 door sedan?

Take the whole door panel off. The grill will come with the door panel.

How do you replace the left front door actuator on a 2005 Honda Civic?

How to replace left front door actuator on a 2005 honda accord hybrid

What wires are the positive and negative for a 1997 Honda Civic door speaker?

For the front door speakers in a 1997 Honda Civic, the left front speaker wire (+) is blue and the left front speaker wire (-) is gray/black. For the right side, the front speaker wire (+) is red/green, and the right front speaker wire (-) is brown/black.

2001 Honda accord ex speaker size?

Door speakers are 6.5". Rear speakers are 6x9".

What is the front door speaker size on a 2004 Honda Odyssey?

6.5 inches.

Is a 1987 Honda Accord LXI four door automatic rear wheel drive or front wheel drive?

A 1987 Honda Accord LXI 4 door automatic Is Front wheel Driver the Engine should be in sideways if so it is front wheel drive

How do you remove door panel 1991 Honda accord?

there are screws in the door handle, behind the speaker cover, door release, then pop clips from the bottom upwards

How do you replace the front speakers in a 1992 Honda accord?

Remove the front door panels. (The door panel procedure has already been answered on here many, many times, please search for it). Four Philips screws hold the speaker in, remove them, unplug the wires.

What is the stock speaker size front and rear of a 2002 Honda civic dx?

The stock front speaker size on a 2002 Honda Civic is 6.5 inches. These speakers are located inside the door panels of the vehicles.

How do you install factory replacement speakers in the doors of a 1993 Honda Accord DX?

take off the door panels and unscrew the speaker from the door and unhook the wires and in reverse order install the new speaker(s).......

Will 1993 Honda Accord 4 door fenders fit a 2 door?

Yes, front fenders should fit. Rear fenders will not.

What is the cost of repairing vandalized ignition for Honda 2004 lx?

cost repairing a 2004 honda accord lx front passager window and the door

What is the front speaker size on a 1998 Honda civic?

I only know about the 4-door model but the front door size is 6½" and the rear deck is exactly the same.

Will a 1994 Honda Accord 4 door hood fit on a 1995 Honda accord 2 door?

Yes, it should fit just fine.

What is the stock door speaker size on a 2000 Honda civic lx?

The stock front door speaker size for a 2000 Honda Civic LX is 6 1/2 inches. The rear deck speakers are 6 by 9 inches.

How do you change the light bulb on the passenger side of a 1998 Honda Accord 4-door?

there are many light bulbs on the Honda accord.. what light bulb?

What is the size and depth dimension of the front door speakers in a 1999 Honda Accord Coupe?

The Honda Accord Coupe built in 1999 has 6.5 inch speakers in the front doors. These speakers have a depth of 2.9 inches depending on the exact interior package purchased.

How do you open locked door on Honda Accord?

with the key

How do you install a turn signal switch in a 1993 Honda Accord four door model?

How do you install a turn signal switch in a four door 1993 Honda Accord

How do you change the front and rear brakes on a 2002 Honda Accord 4 door LX?

Not to hard to do but you need direction. Get a manual from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM

How much does a Honda Accord door weigh?

Depends on the year and if it is a 4 door or 2 door.

What is the standard tire size for the 2001 Honda Accord SE 4 door sedan?

205/65-15 for Honda Accord 2001 4 door EX with a V6

Location of obd port for a 2002 Honda Accord 2 door?

location of obd port for a 2002 2 door Honda accord