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What size speakers are in a 1991 ford F150?


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2006-04-04 16:05:35
2006-04-04 16:05:35

It depends on what size cab u have. I have an 89 regular cab and I only have one pair of speakers, they're 6.5" in the door speakers. I'm pretty sure that extended cabs have 6.5" up front and 5x7 in the rear


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Both the front door speakers and the speakers in the rear are standard Ford 6"x8".

The speakers in the doors of a 1991 Ford Ranger are 6-inch speakers.

if i am not mistaken the front door speakers are 6 in a half inch and the back speakers are 6x8 inch speakers.

from80's to 98 its a 6x8 in front and back

front speakers and back speakers are both 6x8 speakers

front speakers are located in the door panels. the size is 6x8 or 5x7

6X8 most speakers are 6X9, pioneer makes a factory replacement for Ford/Mazda that is 6X8

i know the measurement is six and half but that's all i got.

8in in the rear & 6in in the front

a 1991 buick skylark has 4" speakers in the dash and 6x9's in back

idiot- "The most common front door speaker size of a 1999 ford f150 is typically about 3 feet wide and 1 inch deep." actual answer 6x8's

The correct size for the front speakers on a 1994 Apsire is 5 1/4" speakers.

they are 5x7 front and rear. try infinity kappa speakers in this size

The standard size for Rear speakers and Door speakers is 6X8 or better known as 5X7

what are the speakers sizes for a 2001 ford explorer eddie bauer

ow many dash bulbs in f150 '95

"I think the front speakers are 5"X 7"

It depends on what kind of f-150 it is. There are different sizes in different trucks

Front and rear speakers are 6" X 8".

A 1996 Ford F-150 uses 9" size speakers standard. Owners can upgrade to larger speakers by using a speaker box or by enlarging the holes.

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