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What size thermostat is best for a 1995 Monte Carlo?

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Install the OEM size thermostat. Any autoparts store or your owners manual can provide the exact temp size. OEM temp is 195.. Using anything but the factory oem temp on a computerized motor will cause poor engine performance as the computer runs everything based on being that temperature.

2006-08-05 15:59:34
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I doubt it. I have a 2003 Monte Carlo with 20" rims and if I'm turning sharp and hit a slight bump it rubs slightly on the inside of the wheel well. Just enough to shine up the metal and put a little wear on the tire. They look great though. the answer is yes i have 22's on my 99 Monte Carlo and it rides just fine just be ready to have your stuts repleced if there not in the best shape no. the biggest you can fit on a 95 Monte Carlo are 20"

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It would be best to have a repair shop diagnosis it for you. A code 14 is the Enable Relay circuit open. It could be a bad ground, a bad Enable Relay or the Abs hydraulic unit is defective.jd

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What would the odd smell be coming through the vents on a 1995 Monte Carlo only when heat is on?

the best possible guess I could think of is mice... If it's a chemical smell, you might have a heater core leak. If it's a mildew smell, maybe you have an interior air filter that is funky.

What is the best way to change out a 3.4 1995 thermostat?

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Standing in front of the car with the hood open, the starter would be located in front, down low, a little to the drivers side. It is best reached and seen from under the vehicle.

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