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What size tires can be put on a 1992 Nissan Stanza?


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2009-05-10 02:50:32
2009-05-10 02:50:32

The largest I have found so far are 17" rims w/new tires for around $800. If you find any larger/better deals then please post it here as I have not purchased yet. I bought 17" rims for my '92 Stanza online as a package deal. The tires I got with the package are 205 40R 17. 4 rims, 4 tires, $695! You should check out the website. I was able to put size 18 rims with 205/40R-18 size tires on it on my 92 stanza LXE. on;y prob;em is that when i have more than 2 people in the back seat, every time we hit a small bump they rub on the inner fender. Other than that they are great and look sooooooooooo cool


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P 265/65 R17 for an '04

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Your local Nissan dealer should be able to look this up and tell you. Give them a call, shouldn't be a fee for's just information. That's all I did for my pontiac, except i called my GM

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go to put in the make model and year and it will give you the tire size.

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185/75/14 or optional size 195/75/14

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