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What size tires did a 1976 beetle have on is stock?


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195/60R15 are the stock size tires on my 2004 Honda Civic.

I have a 2003 range rover and it has 19 inch tires and rims (stock)

Use 165R15 tires on it. Available in many places.

Stock tires on the Bronco are 31x10.5 R15 with stock rims.

The stock tire BMW uses is from Continental. The stock size depends on the car.

The slimmer the better. Stock size works fine

My bone stock 1982 Chevy C10 Scottsdale came stock with 205/75/R15 tires (yep...205s!). I know that's the stock size because the spec. sheet was in the glovebox when I bought it. I have heard that somecame with larger tires stock, ie 225/75/R15 or 235/75/R15...but I imagine that's about as high as it went. BTW, if you're interested, 31x10.50x15 tires fill the wheel wells up very nicely, and make a C10 sit nice and tall!

The Stock tires are 245/50ZR16, if you opted for the premium tires, or 235/55R16 if you took the standard tires.

Standard, stock Chevy trucks come with 16" steel tires in almost all cases. As for older trucks, the tire size would differ depending on the model.

Original Equipment Size: 205/60-15

16" X 8" Factory Stock Tires 245 50 ZR 16 Note: (Tires Should be "ZR" Rated)

Im pretty sure factory size is 215/55/16

A 1997 Mercury Sable came stock with size p205/65r15 tires. Taller or shorter tires will cause the speedometer to read incorrectly.

Open the drivers door and on the end of the door is an information sticker that shows the original size tires on the vehicle from the factory

I believe they were 205 75 r 15

The factory stock size is listed in your owners manual and on the drivers door post.

I put P235 75 R15 size tires on mine and the front tires rub just a little if I turn the wheel all the way left or right, but they work just fine.

I have 275R15's on mine.

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