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What size wrench is needed to take off the caliper bolt on a 1999 Chevy cavalier?


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2007-08-11 20:04:38
2007-08-11 20:04:38

I just finished a brake job on a 1997 cavalier z24.

It took 20 minutes per axel. To remove the calipers use a 3/8" hex. Not a 3/8" socket but a 3/8" hex stud type socket available at most auto parts stores.


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My 2003 Cavalier uses a 3/8 hex key. It probably should be the same.

I believe that needs a 3/8 Allen or some models, 7mm Allen.

the caliper bolts require a 3/8" Allen wrench. You can buy these as a socket at just about any parts store.

All Cavaliers from '94 to '03 used 3/8 Allen key on calipers.

A 3/8" Allen wrench is used to r&r the caliper bolts.

It takes a 3/8" allen wrench to r & r that caliper bolt.

if it is the same as the 2004 then you would be looking for a 14mm or a 9/16 size

The Allen wrench size for the front caliper slide pin bolts is 3/8".

You need a 3/8" Allen wrench to remove them.

No..maybe a oil filter wrench to remove it, but, install it by hand (HAND TIGHT)

Depending where it was built, a 3/8 Allen key or 15 mm regular wrench.

3/8" which is the same as 9 mm. This is probably the reason it was impossible to buy a 9 mm. to fit.

Remove the two slider/anchor pins using a 3/8" Allen wrench and the caliper will come off.

With a screwdriver a wrench and some small fingers. Follow the wires if you have to to find it.

they are located in the engine block. You'll need an extension to the wrench in order to get them out.

You rem ve caliper, remove old pads, fit new ones.

They are located near the axles. You will need an 18 MM wrench for this.

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