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Being a wedding planner is a great job. You can have a lot of fun interacting with different people and have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped make the best day of their lives even better. And the most incredible part you get paid for doing all this!

If you think wedding planning is the right career choice for you, go for it! You do not require any special education to become a wedding planner. Here's a guide that can help you in becoming a wedding planner.

  • Hone Your Ability: Most wedding planners have a knack for interpersonal relationships and are good at making people feel at ease. While this may be an in-born quality, there is one important skill that can be developed for being a successful wedding planner, namely the ability to organize. This is THE most important part of being a wedding planner and thus you should look to hone this ability.
  • Gain Knowledge: There are numerous things that are involved in planning a wedding. You need to learn about everything related to wedding planning to be good at it. For this, you can take some classes or you can educate yourself by attending wedding shows, bridal exhibitions, and other wedding related events. A great way to learn about the business is to get a job with a wedding planning firm or assist a wedding planner for a few months. This will give you valuable knowledge about all aspects related to wedding planning and will help you start your own business.
  • Practice Wedding Planning and Construct A Portfolio: It is good practice to try and offer your help and services to family and friends in planning their weddings. You could take some pictures from them in return for your help and can put together a portfolio of such pictures. This is very useful to show others what you are capable of and will help you to get clients.
  • Build Relations With Service Providers: There are a number of people who provide different services related to weddings such as photographers, florists, musicians, etc. Build relations with such people so that you have a complete wedding planning service to offer your clients when you go into business for yourself.
  • Be Unique: People are always on the lookout for some unique and different ways to have their weddings. Along with offering a complete wedding planning service, you should look to specialize in something that will attract clients. It could be specializing in exotic destination weddings or some special service that not many wedding planners provide. Decide on something special according to your own resources and abilities.
  • Be Part of a Professional Organization: Wedding planners who are part of professional wedding planning organizations are very sought after planners, especially if you are a certified wedding planner. So look to join any such organizations. This will also help you in keeping yourself up-to-date about everything related to wedding planning.

Once you have gone through the above steps, you are now ready to become a wedding planner. Get yourself a nice business card and be on the lookout for new clients. You can ask the service providers who you have relations with to pass out your business card to prospective clients. Advertising your services is another good way to attract clients.

Once you start getting clients, plan the best possible wedding for them and word-of-mouth publicity will do the rest for you and make you a very successful wedding planner.

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Q: What skills are needed to become a wedding planner?
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