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Answer 1) The sniper version of the M14 (an evolution of the M1 Garand used in WW2) was used by the USMC until 1964 or 1967 (depending on which source you consult), after which they used the specially made Remington M40. Answer 2) During Vietnam the sniper that the USMC primarily used was the Remington700. They needed this because during World War I and World War II standard infantry weapons with scopes on them were used. The M14 was also replaced with the M16 during the Vietnam War, but was nonetheless used during the war.

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What caliber were the sniper rifles in Vietnam?

By which side? The US and its allies used 7.62x51 for their sniper rifles. The North Vietnamese typically used 7.62x54R for theirs.

When did the marines use the M14?

the m14 came into use just before the Vietnam war but scince it was heavy and the recoil was bad in full automatic it quickly was replaced by the M16 but still used it as a sniper rifle and marines today are dusting off old m14s and using them as sniper rifles

Is it legal to own a sniper rifle in Kentucky?

You will have to define the term "Sniper rifle". It could mean anything. The only TRUE sniper rifle is a rifle issued to a sniper. They are simply rifles that are capable of long range accurate shooting. The rifles used by US military snipers during the Vietnam was were simply civilian hunting rifles with decent telescopes.

What sniper rifles were used by US Marines in World War 2?

the answer is unknown but we know the captain of one ship was called Digby dick the guns were called springfields

What Sniper Rifles Were Used by enemy in Vietnam?

The VC used what they got their hands on. The NVA were issued Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifles. The same Russian rifle that fought in the 1904 Russo-Japanese War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, and then Vietnam War.

What stores have sniper rifles for hunting?

A sniper rifle is simply a rifle used by a military sniper. Just about every gun shop will carry hunting rifles. The type will vary depending on what you are hunting- squirrels, rabbit, deer, turkey, bear, elk or elephants. What you are calling a "sniper rifle" is simply a bolt action center fire rifle with a telescope.

Were any 30.06 rock island armory used as sniper rifles?


What side of the Iraqi war uses the sniper rifle?

Mainly the US and it's allies, but all sides have used sniper rifles.

Was sniper rifles used during world war 1?

Yes. U.S. used 1903 Springfield with Warner-Swasey scope. Germany used many scoped commercial rifles as well as military rifles.

What sniper rifles were used by US Marines in 1965?

They definitely would have had the M1903A6, the sniper version of the Springfield 1903, and possibly the sniper version of the M1 Garand. Both fired the .30-06 round. The M21 (sniper version of the M14) did not arrive until 1969, and the Remington M40 did not see service until 1966. In 1965 the most commonly used rifles were the M1903A6, M-1D Garand and the Winchester Model 70, all chambered in 30.06. By 1967-1968 the Winchester Model 70 was being replaced by the Remington 700 in .308.

Best sniper in mw2?

This is subjected to opinion but they most used sniper rifles are the Barret 50. Cal and the Intervention. The Intervention is the more commonly used of the two so it is considered the best sniper rifle.

What are different types of guns used in the airforce?

shotguns to handguns to sniper rifles etc...

Names of sniper rifles in World War I?

During World War 1 the sniper rifles were mostly the standard issue rifle that had a telescopic sight or Scope installed. The three main standard issue rifles that were used and modified for sniper detail were: the British Lee Enfield, The German Gewehr 98, and the American 1903 Springfield.

What Sniper Rifles Were Used In Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was a transitioning phase for US military snipers; meaning that military snipers, for the first time in US history, were becoming a permanent part of the US military system...instead of being de-activated each time a war ended. With this "transitioning phase" in mind, the US Army was not totally interested sniper rifles, and adapted the standard issue M14 US service rifle as their official sniper rifle...and re-designated it as the XM21 weapons system (Experimental Model 21 sniper rifle). It fired the same cartridge, the 7.62mm NATO round, with the rifle itself, it was "tuned up" abit, had the word "Match" stamped onto the head (bottom) of the .308's brass cartridge case. The USMC used civilian bolt action hunting rifles from both Winchester and Remington manufacturing companies; the Marines ALWAYS took their riflemanship seriously, and indeed, it was the USMC that established America's first "permanent" military sniper school in 1969. As with the XM21 sniper rifle, the US Army was slow to adapt accurate sniper rifles and created their first sniper school YEARS later, long after the USMC had established their school.Well, many. But an example is the m14.

What rifles were used in the Vietnam war?

the M-16 and the M-14

What qualifications must a rifle have to be considered a sniper rifle?

A sniper rifle is a precision rifle that has a telescopic sight which allows operators to target an object that is far in the distance. Sniper rifles are used in military combat.

Is a 2.23 a sniper rifle?

There are some accurised variants of the M16, SA80, and other 5.56 rifles out there which are designed and used as Designated Marksman rifles, but, in general, the 5.56x45 and .223 Remington cartridges really aren't the ideal choices for a sniper rifle.

What did the Confederates use during the Civil War?

They used their modern sniper rifles and high-powered machine guns.

What guns were used by us marines in the Vietnam war?

sticks with dog poo on the end

What sniper rifles were used by the 101 airborne in world war two?

Besides captured weapons/smuggled weapons, and the M1 Garand, the primary US WW2 sniper rifle was the 1903 Springfield (30-06) during WWII. Besides captured weapons/smuggled weapons, and the 1903 bolt action Springfield (30-06) sniper rifle, the scoped M1 garand was the primary US Korean War sniper rifle. Vietnam War USMC snipers used bolt action hunting rifles; US Army snipers used the XM-21 Weapons system (aka the M-14 service rifle). The 101st Airborne (Airmobile Division Vietnam) was a unit; units will use what the rest of the Army uses...unless they appropiate it.

What scopes were used on a 1903 springfield sniper rifle?

The marines issued a 7.8x Unertl scope. The army the 2.5x m84

How much are sniper rifles?

Depends upon which nationality and which war. The '03 Springfield was last used by the US during the Korean War. The US Marines used the Winchester model 70 with a Unertl scope & the US Army used the M14 (XM21) with a Redfield scope in the Viet War. The NVA used a Mosin-Nagant model 1891.

Were sniper rifles used in w w 2?

Yes, they were also used in ww1. they would just put a scope onto a standard rifle.

Are there any American lever action sniper rifles?

A "sniper rifle" is simply a rifle being used for sniping. As for purpose built rifles intended for use by snipers, there aren't any. The lever action would be undesirable for a sniper, who may often have to fire from the prone position, and the tubular magazines common to lever action rifles cannot accommodate modern long range cartridges which use the spitzer bullets. Although some lever action rifles which feed from a box magazine have been made, they are very rare.

Average USMC sniper rifle?

The most commonly used sniper rifle in the Marines is the M-40A3. It is a standard bolt action rifle with a Remington 700 action that fires the 7.62X51 NATO round.