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Its About Time: What I go to school for time for me to fly year 3000 one day at a time 6 minutes Mandy you just don't know it underdog i am what i am 7:05 please be mine Jonas brothers: SOS Hold On Goodnight and Goodbye that's just the way we roll hello beautiful still in love with you Australia games when you look me in the eyes inseparable just friends Hollywood year 3000 kids of the future A little bit longer: B B good burnin up shelf one man show lovebug tonight cant have you video girl sorry got me goin' crazy a little bit longer Lines Vines and Trying Times: World War III Paranoid Fly With Me Poison Ivy Hey Baby Before the Storm What Did I Do To Your Heart Much Better Black Keys Don't Charge Me For the Crime Turn Right Don't Speak Keep It Real

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The album Jonas Brothers includes what songs?

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

When is the Jonas Brothers fifth album coming out?

the Jonas Brothers are coming out with another album in 2011. It is undecided when the exact date is, but ther are still writing songs.

What is the Jonas brothers songs that start with an A?

do you mean Australia from their second album?

Do the Jonas Brothers have a keroke CD?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers do have a karaoke CD. They have a karaoke version of the CD "Jonas Brothers", their second album. It features all the songs from that album plus a bonus one from their next album, "A little Bit Longer"

What is so special about the Jonas Brothers and 705?

The Jonas Brothers are amazing and 7:05 is one of my favorite songs on there "Its about time"album

What Jonas Brothers CD has Take a Breath on it?

Take a Breath is on the Bonus Jonas CD, it came out after their album Jonas Brothers, but they made a special "bouns Jonas" CD and it has all the songs from 'JONAS BROTHERS' plus take a breath

What songs of the first Jonas Brothers album made them famous?

Mandy made them famous

Who writes the songs for the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers write their own songs

What are all songs using the word 'Hollywood' in the lyrics?

I only know one, but here it is: "Hollywood" by "The Jonas Brothers" on the album "Jonas Brothers".

When is the next Jonas Brothers album coming out?

The next Jonas Brothers album is coming out in 2009

When did the Jonas Brothers Album first come out?

The Jonas Brothers first album came out in 2006.

What songs are on the Nick Jonas and the administration tour?

Songs from the album like Rose Garden and Who I Am. He will also sing a remake of the Jonas Brothers song Tonight. He said in the Ryan Secrest interview that he might sing Black Keys and A Little Bit Longer from the Jonas Brothers album A Little Bit Longer.

What is the name of Jonas debut album?

Their debut album is, "Jonas brothers".

What songs are going to be in the Jonas Brothers movie?

all of the songs from a little bit longer but idk bout their self titled album

The year the Jonas Brothers first album release?

The Jonas Brothers first album was released in 2006.

How many people bought the Jonas Brothers album?

There were millions of people who had bought a Jonas Brothers album.

What is the name of the 1st album of Jonas Brothers?

"It's About Time" was the first album released by the Jonas brothers !!

Who writes the Jonas Brothers songs?

The Jonas Brothers write there own songs! The Jonas Brothers write there own songs! Yup! But sometimes Garbo and John Taylor help! ^^

Jonas Brothers album?

The Jonas brothers actuilly have 3 albums!!!!!

For the Jonas Brothers what album is Take a breath on?

Jonas Brothers: Bonus Jonas's black and gold! here's a pic

What are the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers Are A Popular Boy band. They Sing A Lot Of Songs. Their Newest Album Is Lines, Vines And Trying Times. Their Names Are Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. They Are Brothers (obviously) and They Also Have Another Younger Brother Called Frankie Jonas! Who's Nickname is The Bonus Jonas! The Jonas Brothers (band) Are Mainly A Disney Band But Sing Their Own Songs And A Few Cover songs. And They were In Camp Rock (a Disney Film)

What songs are the Jonas Brothers singing on their burning up tour?

The Jonas Brothers sing all songs from their new album a little bit longer like burning up video girl pushing me away, be good and most of their old songs.

What album is the Jonas Brothers' song still in love with you on?

it's on their self-titled album "Jonas Brothers", which is their second album.

How many songs did the Jonas Brothers record?

They have 4 albums, plus Nicholas' solo album in 2003

When did the Jonas Brothers start?

It all started when Nick was signed to Columbia records as a SOLO artist. Joe and Kevin were there to submit some songs that they wrote for his album. The label heard the brothers and dropped Nick's solo album for the band. The Jonas Brothers were thinking of naming their band Sons of Jonas but decided on Jonas Brothers. You can look on Ebay for Nick's album but it will cost you about a hundred dollars (or more) for 11 songs. The band started around 2005 and their first CD came out in 2006.