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Q: What sort of person was he edward john Eyre?
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What sort of name is edward?

The sort name for Edward is Ted for some reason!

What sort of suspicion is aroused by the event that threatens Rochester's life in Jane Eyre?


What sort of relationship did Edward John Eyre have with the natives?

Edward Eyre had a great deal of respect for the Aborigines. he was proud of the fact that he never allowed revenge attacks on the indigenous people for the part that two of his aboriginal guides had in the murder of his overseer, Baxter, and the fact that they left him and his other aboriginal companion, Wylie, to continue their journey with very few supplies. he was forever grateful for the friendship and loyalty of Wylie, who could have deserted him at any time, but did not. Eyre's party was, in fact, saved more than once by the Anangu people of South Australia, who showed him where to dig for water. The natives were so accommodating that they even dug the well on one occasion, as Eyre's men were hopeless at holding back the sand to enable them to get to the water.

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Where is Jane Eyre set?

Somewhere in England or Wales. the works as a sort of Nanny or servant for the somewhat enigmatic Mr. Rochester ( not the Eddie Anderson character).

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