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bellringer, toller, carillonneur, chimer, signaller, tower captain, sexton

Answerbellringer, toller, carillonneur, chimer, signaller, tower captain, sexton


Nobody came up with 'campanologist'!. Most churches only have 'tolling' bells that just swing back and forth, or carillions, which are operated with wires and hammers. A full peal of bells is much more complex and and is found in many older churches and cathedrals in the UK and Ireland. A ringing bell can be paused at the top of its swing, which goes more than 360 degrees, allowing for complex patterns and sequences. Bells are controlled and timed by trained bell ringers, campanologists. A bell tower is called a 'campanile', such as the famous one in Trinity College Dublin, although that just has a mechanical bell. St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin (Anglican) has a very large peal of bells, and the sound of bells on great occasions is a wonderful experience.

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Q: What sort of person would ring bells in church?
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Why do church bells ring at 6 pm?

why does church bells ring at 6 pm

How does one get a job ringing church bells?

Many of the people who ring the church bells attend the church where the bells are at. One church in York county has the children ring the bells. The children like doing it.

What is the meaning of ringing church bells?

In Catholic churches, bells are rung before Mass and during the Angelus. Before they would ring the bells to tell the time, but no one does that anymore.

Why did Paul Revere ring the bells in front of the christ church?

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What do churches ring bells?

to inform the community that Church is about to start.

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people were too scared to come out of their homes to go and ring the church bells, and also they thought that the enemy would be able to hear the church bells if they were rung, so that would make them open for attack.

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When they ring the bell it just means that church is starting.

When did church bells ring again in World War 2?

When the war was over.

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it rane because it was a victory for them

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Church bells ring differently depending upon the pastor in charge of that particular parish. Some church bells are hooked up to a clock and chime the hour, others just chime to alert people to Mass starting, or the tolling bell when someone dies, etc.

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Was the song bells of st mary's inspired by the Southampton uk church bells of the same name?

I believe that it was. I used to ring at St Mary's Southampton, and when we ended the evening practice we would always chime the bells in the tune of the song.

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