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What sort of places can a massage therapist work?

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Massage therapists can work in a variety of settings. It is the fastest growing Allied Health profession in the US. Massage therapists can work in chiropractor offices, day spas, health resorts, cruise ships, hospitals, doctor's offices, with sports teams, corporate offices doing onsite seated massage, with physical therapists. The list is endless, as so is the list of potential clients since massage has come into the mainstream of public health. More appointments have been made for massages than visits to primary care physicians, family doctors, for the past two years in a row.

There are many places where massage therapists might work. You might work at a massage parlor, fitness center, physical therapy office, spa, resort or at your own private office. Some massage therapists also have mobile businesses, meaning they travel to their clients' homes and offices to give massages there.

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What position what a massage therapist work in at a hospital?

Massage Therapists typically do not work in hospitals. A massage therapist is the title of the job, and they often work in a massage parlor and are referred to patients by a doctor.

Do massage therapists get aroused during work?

As a male massage therapist, out of all the 1000+ people i have massage I have never been aroused because of touching a client. A real massage therapist keeps his focus on his work and not what the client looks like. But that does not mean that massage therapist don't get aroused during work, I'm pretty positive some do.

Can i work to your country as a massage therapist?

Yes if you get a license.

What is a massage therapist salary in Hawaii?

A massage therapist in Hawaii can make up to $50,000 a year. This may differ depending on their experience and where they work.

Can a felon work at a spa as a massage therapist?

In most US states, no.

What is the average salary of a massage therapist?

The median salary for a massage therapist is around 42k. With salary ranging from 30-50k a year depending on experience and the field in which you work.

What type of licensing is needed to work in WI as a Massage Therapist?

You can become a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) with 600 hrs of training at an approved school and then passing the NCETMB which is the National Certification Exam.

How much do massage therapist usully get paid when working for a chiropractor's office?

Most massage therapist I know dont work for a chiropractor, or a chiropractic clinic, but rather rent a room and work for themselves. Thus, the massage therapist charges his/her patients whatever they like (or whatever is reasonable/competitive) and will just pay a monthly rent fee to the owner of the clinic.

How much does a part time massage therapist earn in a year?

depends on how much they work

What should a massage therapist do if they work on someone and they don't get better?

If a massage therapist has a client that they've worked on several times, and tried different modalities without obtaining results, the best thing for them to do is to refer them to another professional; either another massage therapist or someone else working in allied health.

How much does a beginning massage therapist earn?

A beginning massage therapist earns the same amount as a regular working professional, about $60 of a one hour massage. When you include the set up and associated paper work, laundry, etc, it really comes out to more like $60 for two hours of work.

Will a career in massage therapy support a person?

Yes. The average massage therapist makes about $30,000 a year and usually only work part-time.

Do massage therapist work in hospitals?

Yes! Many hospitals have employed Massage therapists, and as more evidence of healing touch comes out more and more will.

How much money does a massage therapist make a year in Florida?

It depends on how much you work a week and your tips, kind of like a waiter but more than that. Most massage therapist make about 62,000 to 100,000 dollars a year.

Do massage therapists often work overtime?

Massage therapists will often set appointments during their regular business hours. However, if a client is in need of help after hours, the therapist will sometimes make an exception and work overtime. It is generally up to the therapist to decide if he or she wants to work overtime. It is not a requirement in most cases.

How much would a massage therapist earn annually?

A massage therapist can make up to 30,000 annually. The more massages you can handle without getting tired out will also help your earnings. It may also depend on if you work somewhere that allows you to keep gratuity.

What is asiatsu oriental bar massage and what are the benefits?

Ashiatsu is a type of Shiatsu that is done with the feet. The therapist has bars above the table to hold onto with their hands as they massage you with their feet. The benefits are the same as Shiatsu, except that it is easier for the therapist because it saves their hands from strenuous work.

Everything you need to know about becoming a massage therapist?

Becoming a massage therapist takes a lot of work and memorization. I am currently in school to become one. Some of the classes you take are:Anatomy and Physiology: except to memorize every bone and muscle, and how they work.Massage Theory and Techniques: hands-on practiceAdvanced Theory and Techniques: practicing some of the more advanced techniques such as joint play.Pathology: diseases, stages of them, and how the body works to get better.etc. etc.Many think massage therapy is an easy class, but the opposite is true. To become a massage therapist you will work hard and study hard. If you miss the most stressed muscle, you get a smaller tip.

What are the employment opportunities of a massage therapist?

There are many. Massage therapists work in gyms, acupuncture clinics, holistic health centers, spas, and massage franchises such as Massage Envy. One can also practice out of the home, or travel to homebound clients to provide health care services for them.

What muscle would you work for lordosis as a massage therapist?

You want to work on tight hip flexors and spinal erectors they are in the shortened position pulling the pelvis anterior.

Where can I get hired as a licensed massage therapist in NYC?

The state of New York regulates all massage licensing. You should contact the New York State Massage Board for educational and licensing requirements.The you will have to contact your local county or city depending on where you want to work and get a massage license.

What shortened muscle would a massage therapist work on to correct an elevated right hip?

Most likely, it's the quadratus lumborum.

where can I find a good massage therapist?

Ask your primary doctor for a refferal. They work with therapists and would be able to give you some leads.

Which websites have supplies for a massage therapist?

Need Supplies is a wholesale distributor of Western & Eastern Massage & Cleaning Supplies. Our mission at Need Supplies is to provide premier spa brands and first-class service at competitive prices. Also need supplies offers the best massage supplies, Beauty supplies, Massage oil, Massage Tables, Facial tissue wholesale Best Massage Supplies

What is the massage protocol?

Massage protocol varies from state to state and from therapist to therapist. In most ethical situations, clients undress down to their comfort level. Many therapists have clients leave their underwear or panties on. Clients should be properly draped at all times, meaning the client's genitals and female breasts will not be exposed at any time during the massage. In most states, genital and breast massage are not to be performed. You may always tell your therapist not to work on specific areas and they should honor your request.

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