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What sort of slavery occurred in Egypt?


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June 09, 2010 4:41PM

Egypt's Slavery

In Egypt, poor people in some parts of Egypt were sold. If a poor child was an orphan, most likely they were sold. Also, old women who were poor and had no family either starved or died begging on the street.

On the other hand, rich people were most likely never sold. They were cared for by their servants.

If you think about the Civil War in the US, you might get a picture, except that these Egyptians were African already, all of them.

During expansion of empire, Slaves were often obtained from subject states, as a form of tribute or booty after a battle. Slaves from Nubia were common, as there were many uprisings and battles between the two nations, and Egypt often exerted its dominance over the nation.

Slavery in Egypt was different from slavery in America. Slaves live in nice homes with the pharaohs, live their lifestyle, and were not beat by owners.