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I am asking the question. So there is no point in asking me to answer the question if I do not know the answer.

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0.030 is the gap for briggs and stratton 4.5 hp mower

not getting fire 4.75 briggs statton lawn mower

what is the champion cross reference for a briggs and stratton spark plug 691043

The spark plug gap for a Briggs and Stratton 13 horsepower engine should be .030 inches. A spark plug for this engine may be purchased at an auto parts store.

The spark plug gap for a Briggs and Stratton 13 horsepower engine should be .030 inches. A spark plug for this engine may be purchased at an auto parts store.

Brigg's and stratton 5.5 hp on the craftsman push mower your gap tool set the gap at .025-030 for briggs 5 hp

What is the gap on the spark plug on a Brigg's stratton lawn mower Model#31P777 Type 0348E1?

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what plug size fits a 3.75 briggs and stratton,and a 19.5 briggs engine and what is the gap. thank you

official site for Briggs and Stratton Spark Plugs is: The proper spark plug will depend on the type of 6.5 HP motor that you have. Briggs and Stratton made several different ones and the best way to get the proper plug will be to call an authorized Briggs and Stratton repair shop with the mower make and model numbers.

.030 Refer to your owners manual of remove the old plug and just replace it with an identical plug.

Go to this link and it outlines all Briggs and Stratton engine types and spares including spark plugs. Most common plug used in B&S is a RJ19LM

I have a push mower with a 4.5 horse on it and it uses a champion j19lm.

The proper spark plug for 4hp Briggs & Stratton is a J8 which I use in all my motors.

The Briggs and Stratton part number for a standard spark plug is 496018S. You can either buy this exact plug or call around to local lawn mower shops or auto parts providers (NAPA, O'reilly's...) and get them to cross reference the part number to see what other plugs will work.

The Briggs and Stratton push mower tune-up kit includes a pack of Stabil, 18 ounce bottle of oil, spark plug and air filter, so the correct answer would be 18 ounces. Always check the oil level level after refilling. According to Briggs & Stratton website it takes 22 ounces. If the engine is equipped with an oil filter add 4 ounces.

The thickness of a cardboard from a cigarette box.

briggs and stratton motor, autolite 3924 plug

The correct gap for the spark plug of a Briggs and Stratton 6.75 Lawnmower engine 0.030. Most new plugs come with that gap, but it is best to check to make sure.

Put lots of oil in the cylinder through the spark plug hole, and let it sit overnight.

The type of spark plug will depend on the type of Briggs &ÊStratton engine and equipment configuration. However, for the spark plug gap, the common setting is 0.030 inches.

Remove the spark plug from the engine. Attach the wire to the spark plug. Let the spark plug come in contact with the engine block. Make sure the ignition is turned on. If you have a safety bar you will have to pull it into operating mode. Pull the starter rope you should see a spark.