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ANSWER: Edelbrock cylinder heads utilize the same basic spark plug specification. However, there are four important details that you need to know when selecting the correct plug. 1.) Reach: This is the threaded portion of the spark plug that reaches into the threaded portion of the cylinder heads. a. Always select a 3/4 reach spark plug with your Edelbrock heads. 2.) Thread Diameter: This is the size or diameter of the threads. Edelbrock heads are drilled and tapped to accept a 14mm diameter spark plug. a. Always select a 14mm thread size for use with Edelbrock heads. 3.) Gasket or Washer Seat: This is the portion of the plug that seats onto the mating surface of the cylinder head. All Edelbrock cylinder heads utilize a flat, gasket or washer seat. DO NOT USE A TAPERED SEAT PLUG, as this can crush threads in the cylinder head and cause problems down the road when changing your plugs. a. Always be certain that you are using a gasket or washer seat. 4.) External Hex Diameter: This is the portion of the spark plug in which you put your socket on to install or remove the spark plug. a. Edelbrock recommends using a 5/8 diameter hex for optimum clearance.

TECH TIPS: 1.) Always use a small amount of automotive grade anti-seize on the first five or six threads of the plug. This will allow for easy removal and reduce the chance of the plug seizing into the cylinder head. 2.) Proper Torque is important when installing any automotive component and spark plugs are no different. Edelbrock recommends ten pound feet of torque (10) when installing your spark plugs. 3.) If you do not have a torque wrench, you can use this simple method; install the spark plug finger tight and with a socket / wrench, rotate clockwise an additional 3/8 1/2 turn.

RECOMMENDED SPARK PLUGS: Champion: RC12YC NGK: BKR5E Autolite: 3926 Bosch: F6DSR AC Delco: R45TS (factory OEM plugs, they burn a little hotter allowing better fuel economy)

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