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I'm almost certain you're referring to a wolf spider.

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if it is a small spider then I'm geussing that it is a wolf spider (shudder) or more commonly known as a garden spider maybe?

Yes, it has light brown fur with dark brown (or black) and creamy stripes on its back.

Spider monkeys have light brown fur (Goldy) and are black handed

You haven't given enough information to definitively identify it.

It is probably a house spider if it has light tan marks on it's back

Spider is light brown with gold or yellow diamond back

Gazelles are white and light brown. They have black stripes, antlers and are about 30 to 36 inches tall at the shoulders.

I am pretty certain that it is a rare Australian blue cyanide spider

Poisonous spiders are many different colors. The Black Widow is as the name states black with a red hourglass on the bottom of the abdomen. The Brown Widow is a light to dark brown spider that looks like the Black Widow only with patterns of brown. It too has a red hourglass on the bottom of the abdomen. The Brown Recluse Spider too is brown like the name states with a darker brown 'violin' marking on the cephalothorax. The Hobo spider is light brown with a darker brown abdomen and a cream colored strip going down the center of the cephalothorax. Yellow Sack Spiders are usually yellow or creamy colored. The Brazilian Wandering Spider is a dark brown spider and usually have red hairs on their chelicerae.

The zebra is basically a light-colored animal with black stripes

no they don't they just have a nice light brown coat.

the color of the Troodon male is a light brown a female however is brown with darker brown stripes

A spider that has a dark brown abdomen, with reddish brown legs, and a light beige bottom with dark brown club like claws could be a wolf spider. It could also be a tree spider.

If the hair is really dark, and if you see just black in the light, then its black. but if you see brown in the light, it most likely is brown.

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if its a light brown and black then its a really dark brown together if its a dark brown and black its just black or a brown you cant notice that's its a verry dark brown

No. Do not mix brown with black.

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