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A black widow its a very poisonis spider , it can even cause DEATH!!!!!

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What is the lifespan of a Black Widow Spider?

A Black Widow Spider typically lives for two to three years.

What kind of spider has an black body with three orange dots?

A kind of spider that has a black body with three orange dots is a daring jumping spider, also known as Phidippus audax. As the spider matures, the spots tend to turn white.

What is a Three letter word for zebra?

Ref, for the black and white striped uniform of the referees in many sports.

What is the name for the three stripe fish it has black stripes and is orange looking?

The three striped fish , which also has orange is called a tiger fish.

When was Three-striped night monkey created?

Three-striped night monkey was created in 1811.

What kind of spider is black with white dots?

According to a website that i just visited (the bug man??) this spider could be what is called a false black widow. I too had a question about this specific description of spider- as I recently found FOUR of them within three days in the same area in my house. According to the bug man, this spider actually eats black widows and something else called a sow bug. Hope this is helpful

Who is the villain in Spider-Man 4?

Theres maybe three villians The Lizard,The Black Cat,and CarnageThe Lizard

What are the names of the three wires in a plug?

Live Wire = usually brown, if not then its grey or black. Neutral Wire = Blue Earth Wire = green and yellow striped

What are the names of the three Spider-Man movies?

Spider-Man/ Spider-Man 2/ Spider-Man 3

What are three differences between a spider and a fish?

One, the spider has an exoskeleton, the fish has scales. Two, the spider has 8 legs, the fish has none. Three, the spider can't breathe underwater, the fish can.

What are three facts about a spider monkey?

1 there a spider 2 there a monkey 3 ther a monkey and a spider

What three spiders were used to make the Super Spider in Spider-Man 1?

Super Spider Man was a 1970s version of the popular Spider-Man comics. It followed the adventures of three superheroes Spider-Man, Thor, and Iron Man.

How often and how much does a black spider monkey eat?

usually they eat three times a day. on bad hunting days its 1 meal

Which is used as a rest in billiard?

In English Billiards, all rests used in Snooker can be used. The most commonly accepted rests are the cross rest, spider, extended spider, swan (or hook), half butt, three-quarter butt and full butt.

What large spider has three yellow stripes?

I think you are referring to a garden spider.

What spider is brown and has dimples on its back?

Brown spider with three dimples on its back

What are three behavioral adaptation of a striped skunk?

the three adaptains of an animal are eyes nose and mouth

How many movies does Spider-Man have?

In the Spider Man Series, there are three movies. You got Spider man 1, Spider man 2 and then Spider Man 3.

What are the names of the three Spider-Man films?

Spider-Man (2002) Spider-Man 2 (2004) Spider-Man 3 (2007)

What is a spider that has three red dots and white stripes on its back and is black with a red hour glass on its belly?

It is the NORTHERN BLACK WIDOW I found one in my shop tonight and I am in GA. What a beautiful species though.

What is the spider bearing?

The spider bearing is commonly used on blower motors. Mounted on the fan shaft to allow the fan to turn easily, the bearing is secured to the blower housing by three arms instead of on one cross piece. The multiple arms gives it the "spider" name and differentiates it from the "pillow block bearing" mounted on the single cross piece. (I just fixed my cooler and learned the differences the hard way while trying to buy parts).

What animals have stripes?

The following animals have stripes:ZebraTigerTasmanian DevilsZebra DuikersQuaggaKudu AntelopeEland AntelopeNyala AntelopeBongo AntelopeDomestic cats with colouration called tabby (brown or orange)SkunksStriped MarlinFour-Striped Damsel FishTiger SharkWildebeestStriped Sheild BugStriped SurgeonfishStriped HyenaCoral snakeGrey Banded King snakeRanitomeya imitator (tree frog)ChipmunkBumblebeesHornetsWaspsHoney beesAfrican Killer BeesCoral FishStriped Ball PythonBumblebee GeckoBadgerOkapiStriped GophersStriped DolphinStriped Kukri SnakeStriped Tiger SalamanderThree-Striped Palm SquirrelPampas CatTapirNumbatColorado Potato BeetleOriental Sweetlips (Fish)Ribboned SweetlipsBanded Snake EelPlectorhincus orientalisArmina californica (sea slug)Wasp SpiderZebra Swallowtail ButterflyMonarch ButterflyStriped BurrfishBrown Striped FrogSeven-striped BarbAnd many, many more...

Spider an insect?

No. The spider is not an insect, because it does not have six legs, three body parts and antennae.

What color is a baby when you breed a black draft cross with a bay draft cross?

To know the exact color you would need to know if the horse is Heterozygous or Homozygous for the Agouti gene and a few other things, but your three most likely colors would be Black, bay, and Chestnut.

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