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Purdue University plays Baseball, football, women's Golf, men's golf, cross country, men's swimming and diving, women's swimming and diving, men's tennis, women's tennis, track & field, women's volleyball, Wrestling and spirit squad.

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Q: What sports does the Purdue University play?
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What is the nickname of Purdue University's sports team?

The Purdue Boilermakers.

What is the name of the Purdue University sports teams?


What is purdue university sports team name?

The Boilmakers

What sports did John Wooden play at PUrdue?


Where did Drew Brees play college?

Purdue University

What is the acceptance rate of Purdue University in Calumet?

The acceptance rate of Purdue University Calumet is 42%. Purdue University Calumet is a school within the Purdue University system. Purdue University is located in Hammond, Indiana.

What sports did John Wooden play his freshman year at Purdue?

basketball and baseball

Is purdue university in Indiana private or public?

Purdue University is a public university.

When and where did Purdue University play their first ever football game?


What is the maskot of purdue university?

The mascotof Purdue University is the boilermaker train.

What is the address of Purdue University?

The address for Purdue University is:Hovde Hall610 Purdue MallWest Lafayette, IN 47907

Purdue is public or private university?

Purdue is a public, Tier 3 university.

When was Purdue University system created?

Purdue University system was created in 1869.

When was Purdue University Calumet created?

Purdue University Calumet was created in 1946.

When was Purdue University Press created?

Purdue University Press was created in 1960.

When was Purdue University created?

Purdue University was created on 1869-05-06.

Where is the University of purdue?

Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. The exact address of Purdue is:Hovde Hall610 Purdue MallWest Lafayette, IN 47907Indiana

What GPA did you have when you got into Indiana university Purdue university Indianapolis?

I just got accepted into Purdue and Indiana University Bloomington and I have an unweighted GPA of 3.54 and rising. However, GPA is not everything a college looks at; if you play sports or are involved in clubs and wrote a well written essay you could still be accepted with a lower GPA.

Is purdue a country?

No, Purdue is a university in Northern Indiana.

What is bigger purdue or Maryland?

Purdue. As of Fall 2011, Purdue University had an enrollment of 39,635, while the University of Maryland had 37,631.

Who founded Purdue University?

John Purdue, an businessman and industrialist in Lafayette, Indiana, founded Purdue University. The university was officially started on May 6, 1869 when West Lafayette was chosen as the location for the new school and named Purdue University. When the doors of Purdue were first opened, John Purdue was the primary original benefactor the school having given $50,000 to the project.John Purdue was the founder and initial benefactor of Purdue University.

Does purdue university have a hockey team?

Purdue University has a hockey club, but it is not a varsity sport.

What is the name of the Mascot of Purdue University?

Purdue Pete

Is purdue a public or a private school?

Purdue is a public university.

Can you get a Ph.D at purdue university?

Yes, Purdue offers PhDs.