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A squid's diet is mainly fish and crustaceans.

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Q: What squids eat?
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Do seals eat big squids?

no seals do not eat big squids.

Do squids eat calamari?

Squid and calamari are the same thing. Some squids eat other squids, so yes.

What type of squid do penguins eat?

the type they eat is small squids they do not eat big squids and they eat the dead ones

What are squids enemies?

A Leatherback Sea Turtle eat squids.

Why do squids eat what they eat?

because they get hungry

What are squids favorite prey?

squids eat sand, snail shells and muscles

Do squids eat algae?


What do gobies eat?


What is a squids range?

to eat

What do small squid eat?

Small squids tend to always eat very small fish, shrimp, and other squids.

What animals eat fishers?

squids eat fish!

Do squids eat penguins?

No, but penguins eat squid.

Do squids eat plants?

All squids eat plants, yes. Usually seaweed, but they will certainly eat any plant life that they find on the ocean floor.

Do squid eat sea snails?

Yes, Squids do eat sea snails. Squids hold them with there legs and eat them. and Im french and there not IDIOTS

Do lobsters eat squids?

No. It is the other way around squids eat lobsters. They can suck the meat out of a lobster leaving an intact shell.

Do squids eat seahorses?

None of the squids recommended diets are seahorses. Though they are carnivores and would eat them if the preferred meal can not be found.

Do squids eat seagrass?

Yes, squids do typically eat sea-grass. In fact, they are known to eat mostly small plants, flowers, and plankton on the oceans floor.

Do arrow squids eat fish?


What do firefly squids eat?


What do blowfish eat?

clams and squids

Do people eat vampire squids?


What is the glass squids diet?

They eat plankton, fish and crustaceans and other squids.

How do squids get ink inside them?

* No one really knows where the squids get their ink from but it is possable that they can produce it after they eat!!!!!

Do sea turtles eat squids?

no they eat jelly fish

What do weddel seals eat?

they eat squids,fish,and krill.