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Q: What stage do cells specialize?
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What would happen to a chick embryo if its cells did not specialize?

If the cells did not specialize than there would be no chick developing.

What are cell called before they specialize?

Stem cells.

What happens to cells as they grow and divide?

In multi-cellular organisms as cells grow and divide, they specialize.

What from stage of the cell cycle do cells sometimes exit?

From stage of the cell cycle do cells somtimes exit?

What is a benefit of being comprised of multiple cells?

B. Multiple cells allow some cells to specialize for a particular functio.

Which of the following is a benefit of being comprised of multiple cells?

B.Multiple cells allow some cells to specialize for a particular function.

Cells that specialize perform one job well the cells job is also called its?

googly moogly

Do plant cells specialize in the same way animal cells do?

Plant cells do specialize but not in the same way as animal cells. Animal cells have specialized cells such as nerve cells, reproductive cells or muscle cells etc. Plant cells do not have any of those. But Plant cells have other specialized cells such as photosynthesis cells, epidermal cells etc. Both Animal and Plant cells have specialized cells that perform a specific function to keep the cell/organism alive.

What stage produces sperm cells and egg cells?


What does the Arena Stage specialize in?

The Arena Stage specializes in non-profit theater. The Arena stage is located in Southwest Washington D.C.. The theater was established in 1950 and reopened in 2010.

Compare and contrast the gametophyte stage and the sporophyte stage?

Gametophyte stage occurs when cells in reproductive organs undergo meiosis and produce haploid cells. Sporophyte stage is the joining of haploid sex cells. These two stages help in the production of a new plant.

Which organisms are made up of many groups of specialize cells?