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What state has the most goats?

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What state in the US produces the most goats?


How many goats are in the state of Virginia?

Well, this is an educated guess, but I think there are a little over 9000 goats in the state of virginia.

What are the most common farm animals in Washington state?

Washington State flourishes with dairy farms, beef farms, horses, swine, and goats.

When and why were mountain goats introduced to Washington state?

Mountain goats are native to Washington and Alaska

Where are the goats from?

Origanally, most goats were from Europe. Nigerian Warf Goats come frome Nigeria, Africa.

Do goats sit?

Goats can, in fact, sit. They look silly doing it and most goats don't do it a lot, but they can.

What is the most popular goats milk soap on the market?

goats milk stuff

Are Nigerian dwarf goats good pets?

the males can be mean but most of these goats are the most amazing pets there great !

Do goat live in Ghana?

Yes ๐Ÿ goats are in Ghana.People do like eating goats meat . So goats live and in Ghana

Whats the difference between sheep and goats?

Goats are more independent and most goats have horns and beards. Goats have hair, sheep wool. Goats are more alert, sheep are a bit dreamy. Sheep are grazers, goats browsers. Goats are friendlier and will make a better pet.

Can goats have horses as compaions?

Yes. In most cases both goats and horses will get along fine. Horses are quite social as are goats.

How do you package goats milk?

Most goats milk sold in the UK is packaged in cartons.

Which animals have their young known as kids?

Baby goats are the most common baby animal known as kids. Adult male goats are known as billy goats and adult female goats are properly called nanny goats.

Where do most goats live?


What country has the most goats?


Who does not have goats?

most people but not me i have tons

Do goats get diarrhea from salt?

No. Your goats are most likely have worms, that is usually one of the first signs.

How young do Nubian miniature goats get pregnant?

most goats and sheep can reproduce at about 9 months

Do goats live in india?

Yes, goats do live in India, and in most other countries too.

What do goats sleep on?

We let our goats sleep on fresh straw. They can also sleep on hay. when we put the straw down, the goats usually eat most of it.

How can goats protect themselves from attacks of other goats?

most goats have horns, and they also rear up on their back legs and use their front hooves too

Which European country has most goats?


What country in Europe has the most goats?


What sound does a Nubian goat make?

i love goats and have a Nubian they make the same sound as most other goats ba-a-a-a

Are goats clever?

most goats are cleaver but because the don't have thumbs they can't do much who the hell would ask that?

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