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What state name means gem of the mountains?

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Maybe, Alaska. I am not sure

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What state means Gem of the mountains?

you can't

What state was named a word that means gem of mountains?

The name of the state of Idaho was made up by George M. Willing. He claimed it was a Native American word that meant "gem of the mountains."

What state is nicknamed the gem state?

In 1863, Congress designated the Idaho Territory with the erroneous understanding that Idaho was a Shoshone word meaning Gem of the Mountains. In spite of the misunderstanding concerning the origin of the name the state continues to be known as the "Gem State" and the "Gem of the Mountains".

Which state is the Gem of Mountains state?


My name does not come from a real word but many people think my name is Indian word that means Gem of Mountains?


What Indian word means Gem of the Mountains?


Where did the name Gemma origin from?

It means Gem.

Name of Maine state gem?


Why do they call Idaho the gem state?

The state of Idaho is known as the Gem State because it has so many natural resources. This includes steep canyons, snow capped mountains, lakes, rapids, and rugged cliffs.

What does the name Gemma mean?

It means precious gem

What is Mississippi's state gem stone and name?


What mountains can you find topaz?

Topaz Mountain is located in Utah (state gem is topaz) and it does have topaz in this mountain

What state is The Gem State?

Idaho is called the Gem State.

State gem of Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has no state gem.

What is Delaware's state gem?

It has no Official State Gem.

What state is called the gem state?

Idaho is knew as the gem state!

What state has gem state?

Idaho's official nickname is the "Gem State".

What does Rubi mean as a name?

It means a gem. Its origin is from Latin.

What is the meaning of the name Pearl?

Pearl means "a gem of the sea."

What state is their state gem ruby?

No US state has the ruby as their official state gem.

What is Kentucky's State gem?

the state gem is the freshwater pearl.

What is California's state gem?

California's state gem is benetoite.

What is Florida's state gem?

Florida's State gem is the moonstone

What is the state gem for West Virginia?

It has no official state gem.

What is the state gem of Colorado?

The state gem of Colorado is the Aquamarine

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