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A samurai served a daimyo as a vassal in feudal Japan. The samurai pledged loyalty and military service in exchange for protection, land, and financial support from the daimyo. The samurai's code of honor, bushido, guided their behavior and allegiance to their lord.

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Q: What statement accurately describes the relationship of a samurai to a daimyo?
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What was the relationship between diomyo and samurai?

The daimyo was the main leader of the samurai

What describes the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate?

Caste System on top of which samurai comes.

What Best describes the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate?

Caste system on top of which samurai comes.

What is the realtionship between a samurai and a daimyo?

All Daimyo are Samurai but not all samurai are Daimyo- the classical relationship would be Master and servant- yet that does not tell it all, as both parties had very specific rights and responsibilities towards each other.

What was the relationship of the samurai to the other classes in Japanese society?

Samurai were the warrior class in Japanese society, with a privileged status above farmers and commoners. They served feudal lords and held significant power and influence. The samurai upheld a code of honor called Bushido, emphasizing loyalty, bravery, and self-discipline.

What is the relationship between the ninja and the samurai?

They were the most powerful feudal lords in Feudal Japan right after the Shogun.

What term was given to the warriors or knights of feudal Japan?


What is a geisha samurai?

Historically there are no geisha samurai. It was impossible for a woman to become a samurai. Geisha often entertained samurai but were never considered a samurai themselves.

Are the daughters of samurai samurai?

no they are not

How do you spell the plural of samurai?

In English, it is samurai, singular or plural. This is because it is a class of person.

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