What states define a Broker Price Opinion BPO as an appraisal and require it be completed by a licensed or certified appraiser?

WV, PA, UT, NV, MS... Most of the agents/brokers in the bigger cities will complete BPOs for the normal fee but as soon as you get into the rural areas you better count on paying for an appraisal.

ARIZONA: (3/24/2010) A.R.S. 32-3602 This chapter does not apply to: 1. A real estate broker or salesperson who is licensed in this state and who, when acting as such, gives an opinion as to the price of real estate if this opinion is not referred to as an appraisal.

KANSAS: (3/24/2010) 58-4102, (c) "Broker's price opinion" and "comparative market analysis" means an analysis, opinion or conclusion prepared by an individual licensed as a real estate broker or salesperson pursuant to K.S.A. 58-3034 et seq., and amendments thereto, relating to the price of specified interests in or aspects of identified real estate property that is provided to a potential customer, client or third party in the ordinary course of business.

MISSOURI: (3/24/2010) 339.503, (8) "Broker price opinion", an opinion of value, prepared by a real estate licensee for a fee, that includes, but is not limited to, analysis of competing properties, comparable sold properties, recommended repairs and costs or suggested marketing techniques. A broker price opinion is not an appraisal and shall specifically state it is not an appraisal;