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What states do they put you in jail for hiding a car?

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"hiding" or 'hindering" the recovery of property subject to a lien is against the law in all states.Some states, its a felony, some a misdemeanor. Dont do it and you have NO worries.

2004-08-19 14:26:11
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Can they put you in jail for having a lean on your car?

No, the lender can not have you put in jail because they have a lien on you car. They can press charges against you in many states if your vehicle is up for repossession and you attempt to hide it or hinder the agency hired to secure it from recovering your car. Or, if the lender secures a replevin and you still refuse to turn over the vehicle, you will go to jail then for contempt of court.

Can they put you in jail if they repo your car?

NO, not for just being repoed.

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Can you be arrested in the state of Connecticut for vehicle embezzlement if you're knowingly hiding a vehicle from repossession?

Its really a moot point because you are NOT hiding a car from the repoman. YOU wouldn't do that. And the lowly repoman CANT file the charges anyway. S/he doesnt have that authority to act on behalf of the lender. The lender wouldn't waste anymore money on the clunky car you alledgedly are hiding. IF they could put you in jail, how would you ever pay the money you owe?????

If person does not show can guarantor be put in jail?

A guarantor will rarely go to jail unless they are hiding information about the person who is on the bond. They may be fined or have to come up with the money that was loaned, however.

What happens when your car is six months psat due and it has some damage and you want to turn it in can you go to jail?

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