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What steps can a collection company take if you do not agree with their program in the state of New York?

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2008-08-29 18:35:41

Collection companies are famous for making threats and not

following through. They may have said they would garnish your

income, file a lien against your house or car, or freeze bank

accounts. They can do none of those actions unless they have a

valid civil court judgment. Bottom line--unless the creditor has

taken you to court, and obtained a judgment, all they can do is

ding your credit and harass you with phone calls and letters. If

they report to the credit bureau, then you have rights under the

Fair Credit Reporting Act, so talk to your state attorney general's

office or an attorney if that happens. To stop getting harassing

telephone calls, try this: Whenever a creditor calls, say, "You are

harassing me. I am recording this conversation." You could even buy

a tape recorder at Radio Shack if you want to actually record the

calls, but a creditor won't know whether or not you are actually

recording. Odds are, they will hang up, and after a few times, they

will not call again. I would also keep in mind that the statute of

limitations bars creditor claims unless a lawsuit has been brought

within a certain period of time. An attorney in your state can

inform you of the applicable statute of limitations for this


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