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You would need to get married in Denmark and then file for Permanent Residency here in the US. You can get an application by calling INS.

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Q: What steps would you need to take if you get married to a refugee living in a refugee camp in Denmark and you are a US citizen?
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When was Living Like a Refugee created?

Living Like a Refugee was created on 2006-09-25.

Do you have to pay US income tax if you are a US citizen living in Australia married to an Australian and you are an Australian resident?

Not if you are currently living in Australia, no.

How do you become a Mexican citizen if you are a USA citizen living in Mexico and married to a Mexican National?


Does a UK citizen whos married to a jamaican national and living in Jamaica need a permit to work in Jamaica?


Can a woman married to a citizen but living with another man get deported?

Yes, because you are abusing the laws of America

Can I enter the US if I am married to an American but we live in Germany?

If you are married to an American citizen, living in Germany, and are a German citizen, you will likely need a Visa or a Green card to enter the US, depending on how long you will be in the US and why you are coming.

Where are the nakba refugee camp living?

They live in Canada

Can an German woman married to an American citizen in Germany both living in the US now get divorced in the US?


When can you apply for citizenship if you married a us citizen?

you can apply for citizenship after three years of living in the us. the years do not have to be consecutive.

You are Polish living in Britain and you are to get married to a Brazilian Citizen in Brazil Do you need all your documents to be done in Poland or can you sort them out in British consulates?

I think the living is to have the living toi stay anywere

How can you find out if a u.s. citizen living in the United States was married in another country?

go there and check the local courthouses

How does a US citizen go about marrying a Turkish citizen living in Istanbul?

If you plan on getting married in the US, file for a K-1 Fiance visa. It will take about 6-8 months.

You are a US citizen married to a Mexican living in Mexico. Could she become resident even touh we will continue living in Mexico?

No she cannot. To become a US citizen you must be a US resident. Niether can you become a permenant resident for the same reason.

If an immigrant wanted to apply for a US visitor visa can he apply for that visa in the country he is currently residing or does it have to be in the country he was born at?

he has to apply in the country of which he is a citizen: eg: a German citizen living in Denmark must apply at the German consolate to obtain a Visa

If a US citizen is married to a Canadian citizen and they are separated and living in their respective countries which one should file for divorce and where should they file?

It would probably be easiest in the country where you were married. Also, if everybody is in agreement, get an "uncontested" divorce. They are much easier and cheaper.

If non-citizen living in USA marries USA citizen is he then USA citizen?


If a Canadian living legally in the US is married to an American does she automatically become an American citizen?

No. They must apply for a greencard, or other form of immigration

a best senior citizen center living in Delhi?

If you are a US citizen you can become the citizen of a state by?

Living in the State (novanet)

How is the standard of living in Denmark?

Denmark has the sixth highest economy in the world. It's good.

How do people make a living in Denmark?

They farm for crops and fish. Denmark is not a developed country.

How long does it take for an illegal immigrant living in Mexico to become legal in the United States after married to a U S citizen?

Type your answer here... never

Is there a girl living as a refugee in Dakar Senegal by the name Precious Ruba?

it's a skimmer

What happens to refugee?

it likes being so happy and sad at the same time After a person becomes a refugee he or her will move to a neighbor refugee camp where camps will be built to privide the basic living needs to them. --- It varies a lot, but life is usually very hard for refugees until they are able to lead "normal" lives again and earn their living.

What is the nationality of people who live in Denmark?

People who live in Denmark are Danish, or "dansk". The name for a person living in Denmark is a "dane", or "dansker".