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What stimulates the mind to think someone or something is attractive?


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its not a question of thinking you are attractive everyone has a good feature on them for me its my eyes the girls love them for you i dont know but try to make that part more revealing ok have a nice day bye now


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it means that they think something is attractive whether to eat or they could be referring to the fact that a person is exceptionally attractive or "hot"

-they like you -they think your ugly -they think your attractive -you look familiar to them -you have something in your teeth -you have a huuuge pimple or -they just have a staring problem

A crush is when you like someone or you think that they are attractive and you want to go out with them , and dating is when you have a boyfriend\girlfiriend and you hang out and maybe say go get ice cream or something with them or out to dinner.

no cause he already got someone in his heart.

It is just the public's general perception. If they see someone as attractive, they tend to think that person is automatically a model.

Why do you say you dont want to be one? Is there a reason? First off, women are beautiful. Men...not so much. I dont think it is odd for you to find someone women attractive. But, if you find NO men attractive, then where does that leave you? Why dont you find them attractive? Perhaps you are a lesbian. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

anyone who is someone or something. i think...

Being attractive and being gay are two totally separate issues. Someone can be gay and still be attractive, likewise someone can be gay and not so attractive. Remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so what you perceive to be cute may be different from what others think is cute.

That you could be attractive or if your a girl a boy might want to ask you out soon.

It means you always think the worst of yourself. Ex: your partner is gonna cheat on you. You aren't as attractive as other people. You can't do something as good as someone else. It pretty much is a product of low self-esteem

sending something to someone..........I think

attractive in latin i think its skinny

In Western Culture, a comment about shoes has no hidden meaning. If someone says they admire one's shoes, it simply means that they think the shoes are attractive.

Everyone is attractice in their own way. Some people may not think that you are attractive, but others may think you are beautiful. Don't change yourself though, because one day that special someone will come and like you just the way you are.

yes actually you could find someone attractive but not be attracted to them. its like you find someone cute, but your not into them because you don't see something that your interested in them. or you maybe you find someone with great personalities and really hot, but still, there's something about them that you're not seeking. don't waste your time trying to think what's this "thing" you're seeking for in somebody, because no one will actually know what it is, it's just a feeling our hearts feel that we can't actually explain toward someone. i really hope i helped, even if only a little

someone can be honest if they think that they trust you enough to tell you something top secret, a truth, etc. someone can be honest if they think that they trust you enough to tell you something top secret, a truth, etc.

Obviously, I would think most women would be sexually attracted to a man who respects them! A feminist is someone who believes in gender equality, it doesn't stop someone being sexually attractive.

try to think about something else

i think it is something to do with the police when someone reports you.

A stimulate is something that makes you happy, jolly, excited and/or alert! For example, caffeine is a stimulate. Can you think of any other stimulates?

awkward means when u say or think something and someone and something does or says it.

definitely!! drake is attractive he reminds me of my brother.

No, the word 'think' is a verb, a word for an action, a word for something that someone does.

I do not think "atrractive" has any negative connotation. I would happy to have an attractive job and an attractive wife.

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