What structures allow the paramecium to move?

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What structures allow paramecium to move?

The cilia that line their cells can be used in an oar like fashion to move the paramecium around in a liquid environment.

Structures that help the paramecium move?


What structures does a paramecium use to move?

cilia which is hairs

Is paramecium motile?

Yes, a paramecium uses its cilia (hairlike structures on its cell membrane) to move.

What structure allow the paramecium to move?


Structure that helps the paramecium move?

Paramecium move with hair like structures called ciliathat line the entire edge og the organism.

What are the tiny hair-like structures that move a paramecium?

they are called cilia.

What structures provide locomotion in paramecium?

Paramecium contain cilia (hair like growth), all around their cell that helps them to move.

What is paramicem?

paramecium is a group of unicellular ciliate which allow cells to move

What are the structures called that move a paramecium much a oars move oars?

These structures are called cilia and they do have an oar like motion; power stroke and return/relaxation stroke.

How does a paramecium move?

A paramecium moves using tiny hair-like structures called cilia. These push against the surrounding material to create motion.

What Paramecium use to move through water?

they use tiny hair like structures called cilla to move in water

What are the structures in the body that allow animals to move?

Bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles allow animals to move.

What structures does paramecium use for movement?

Paramecium uses cilia for movement.

What three structures support a vertebrate's body and allow it to move?

Tails and legs help support a vertebrates body and allow it to move. Other structures to help a body move are muscle and bones.

Which pairings match protozoa with the structures they use to move?

Novanet: amoeba: pseudopod; euglena: flagellum; paramecium: cilla

What structure causes the paramecium to move?

The cilia cause the paramecium to move.

These are the structures that propel Paramecium?


Which structures allow oxygen to move from the lungs into the bloodstream?


What structures allow sarcodines such as amoebas to move?

I believe it is a pseudopod.

How do paramecium move around?

The unicellular microbe paramecium moves about using Cilia. These hair-like structures surround the organism and pulse rhythmically pushing it forward, or in whatever direction it wants to go.

The organism paramecium moves with what?

Paramecium move with cillia.

How do paramecium move?

Paramecium move through the use of small hair-like cillia.

A protist with hairlike structures covering it?


What is the difference between paramecium and amoeba?

paramecium- move with cilia amoeba- move by creeping along with their pseudopod's also, paramecium are larger.

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