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Science, math, and computer science classes will be needed to become a computer system engineer. Coursework should also include instruction in electrical engineering.

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What subjects i need for computer software engineer?

There are various subjects that are used to study for software engineering. Objective C, Java, Operating System, Multimedia Applications are some.

What are the main subjects in computer science engineering?

In computer science engg ,main subjects are oops,data structures,database management system,operating system,computer architecture and more

Subjects in bca 3rd year of gndu university?

computer graphics operating system computer networking Software engeneering

How engineering helps in banking industry?

Now-a-days all banks are working on computer and network based system.I have done my b-tech in IT stream . In IT stream there are various subjects such as Distributed System, Computer Network & Operating System . These subjects help in how to run computer effectively and efficiently . By: AnuraG SingH

How many years of experience do you need to become a nuclear reactor system engineer?

my cousin became a nuclear reactor engineer and he said it was about 12 years

Why is computer system become a communication system?

it becomes communication system through networking......

Who is responsible for setting up and manging a computer or network of computers?

System administrator, desktop support engineer

How do people design computer viruses?

They research a software system, looking for vulnerabilities. Then they engineer code which exploits these vulnerabilities.

It is July 2010. The contracting officer at Fort Mason is about to award a contract for a computer system that the Post Engineer will use to track work orders and inventory. This 15000 computer system?


How does data become information?

Data become information after it has been processed by the computer system. You will feed raw data to a computer and in return get information.

What type of education is needed to become a structural engineer?

Probably the stem system: science technology engineering mathematics

The relationship of psychology in computer engineering?

philosophy help us to cultivate computer engineer, computer systems and to understand and solve problems in digital system in order to control and monitor electrical systems like motors, communications, and sensors. It also helps to understand the many different tasks of the activity of the people. philosophy is developing the knowledge of the computer engineer in accordance with the needs of the people. it also leads to the computer engineer to make proper and good design of modern computers

What HIgh-school classes are needed to become a nuclear engineer?

Physics, Math and science would probably be most important in the field of Nuclear Engineer. or in any nuculear system

When does a computer system become memory bound?

there is not enough ram installed

What is the difference between software engineer and system engineer?


Is engineer an adverb?

No. 'Engineer' is either a noun or a verb as in this example, "Fred the engineer wanted to engineer a new braking system."

What kinds of programs are included in information system?

Usually in Information technology, there are programming subjects, HTML topics, computer software and the like.

What is staff engineer?

Staff engineer is one grade for the position of engineer.Most companies have a grade system for engineers, ranking from low to high as follows:EngineerSenior EngineerStaff EngineerSenior Staff EngineerPrincipal Engineer

What is in a computer system?

computer system is referring to the system of computer

What kind of mcse jobs can you expect?

there are varius job roles like IT manager, system engineer(computers, IT), system administrator(computer network) and various other job roles are there for MCSE Professional.

What are the function of the keyboard?

keyboard is used for enter the data in the computer become the inter face between the user and computer system.

Which is best system engineer vs system admin?

system enigneer is the best

Why is a Mac computer not a personal computer?

A Mac computer is a personal computer. The term PC has become synonymous with personal computers running the Windows operating system but any stand alone computer can be described as a personal computer.

What kind of job can you get with a bachelors in Information Systems as far as for information technology?

Is really obvious 1st you become a IT Analyst, Programmer,IT consultant,Computer Engineering,Web design, Is really obvious 1st you become a IT Analyst, Programmer,IT consultant,Computer Engineering,Web design, Beside above career Bachelors in Information technology can do for them are Computer and information system manager Network and computer system administration Database administrator Computer system analyst

Why is isambard brunel become famous?

He was an engineer. He built 3 famous ships and designed a famous bridge and railway system, and many other projects.

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