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If you are in your undergraduate studies, you can take any subject/major as long as you fulfill the prerequisite courses asked for by the vet school you wish to attend. Check with each individual institution for more details. Strong emphasis of science courses such as Biology will be helpful. Anatomy courses (even if they are human) would be helpful to take and animal nutrition courses may be helpful as well.

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Q: What subjects do you need to take to be an equine vet?
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What classes do you need to take to become an equine vet?

the classes you need to become an equine vet are chemistry and biology, maths or physics and English

What does a equine vet need to know?

science mostly

What grades do you need to get to be a equine vet?

I would recommend getting the best grades you can...

What high classes should you take if you want to become a Equine vet?

I heard that you need to have five highers(a-levels) to become a vet. You need biology and chemistry the most.

What do you have to do as a horse vet?

You must attend at least 8 years of schooling to become a vet. You can specialize in horses by becoming an Equine Vet. As an Equine Vet you will take care of pretty much any and all Equine ailments. You're a vet, you would do the same things for a horse that your doctor does for you.

What is a equine vet?

a equine vet is a vet that only deals with sick or injured horses and they travel from farm to ranch!!

What subject in high school do you need to take to be an equine vet?

Science. Such as Biology, chemistry and physics. And equine studies if it's available. Also, Anatomy, zoogogy (if avaliable) and anything else animal related. Some people go into college wanting to be an equine vet but come out a regular vet in general, so its always good to keep all your options open.

What are different names for a horse vet?

equine vet

How many years of university or college does it take to be a assistant equine vet?

In the United States, you will need to complete at least three years of undergraduate college and four years of vet school.

What skills do you need to be an equine vet?

well u gots to be nice to animals and stuff.

Working conditions of a equine vet?

The working conditions of an equine vet can be very unpredictable. These conditions can be dirty or dangerous for example.

What is a horse veterinarian called?

An equine vet.

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