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The wrong viscosity of oil in your engine.

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What are the symptoms of a oil pump going out in a dodge caravan?

Low oil pressure or fluctuating oil pressure.

Oil pressure fluctuates on a Toyota Tacoma?

The oil pressure gauge is going to fluctuate on a Toyota Tacoma or any automobile. The oil pressure is less when the auto is idling and more when the auto is going down the road.

How high pressure pipe affects the performance of diesel engine?

symptoms of high engine oil pressure

What are the Oil pump failure symptoms on a Chrysler 300?

No oil pressure, engine noise, engine failure.

What are the symptoms of low oil pressure on a 1982 Chevy 350?

Engine noise.

What symptoms would be indicative of an oil logged condenser?

High discharge pressure and low liquid line pressure

Where is the oil pressure switch on pajero auto 2.8 diesel 1996?

under the bonnet

Where can you buy oil pressure switch for Chevrolet Captiva 2007?

Try O'Reilly Auto.

Why does the oil pressure gauge rise on accelerating then fall to normal after changing gear?

As the engine speed increase so does the speed of the oil pump. the faster the pump turns the higher the pressure becomes. When changing gear the engine speed drops along with the oil pressure.

Why do you have low oil pressure?

I know in my '97 Gmc Jimmy the oil sending unit was bad when I had the same problem holding oil pressure. When I'd start my truck it had almost 40 lbs of pressure that would slowly fall off to nil unless you accelerated. Then the pressure would rise somewhat.

What are the symptoms of internal engine damage due to overheating?

Low oil pressure Low cylinder pressure Anti freeze coming out of the tailpipe (sickly sweet smell) Water in oil Oil in water Frothing or bubbling in radiator

Why does oil pressure gauge rise as you accelerate then drop after gear change just had oil filter and oil change its a ford probe 16 valve 2 l?

The oil pump turns more at higher revs, this is then producing more oil pressure, so when you change gear the revs are in a lower range so the oil pressure drops.

What are symptoms of oil pump going out on a 2000 Chevy Tracker?

low oil pressure if you have a guage instead of a light and usually accompanied by valves ticking showing the need for more oil.

What are the symptoms of a failing oil pump?

You dont want to feel OR hear the symtoms. If you think you have a bad pump unscrew the oil sender and screw in a pressure gauge.

Why is oil light on 2004 pt cruiser?

Low oil pressure or failed oil pressure switch.

Why would oil pressure gauge flicker?

Low oil pressure or a defective oil pressure sending unit.Low oil pressure or a defective oil pressure sending unit.

What is the normal oil pressure for an auto car garbage truck?

40 - 80 psi at idle, depending on what the engine is.

Why does your oil light keep coming on your 2002 pt cruiser?

Oil pressure is low, oil pressure sensor has failedOil pressure is low, oil pressure sensor has failed

Why does the oil light flicker at idle on your 2001 Chrysler Sebring with a 2.7 engine?

Low oil, low oil pressure, failed oil pressure sensor.Low oil, low oil pressure, failed oil pressure sensor.

What is wrong with your Tahoe when low oil pressure lite goes on?

Either the oil pressure is low, or the oil pressure sensor is faulty, or the computer is sending the message without reason. Do-it-yourselfer can replace the oil pressure sensor. Look it up on a parts website like Rock Auto ( or Advanced Auto or similar site. Locate it on your vehicle. It will be screwed into the side of the engine with a wire coming out of it. Using a wrench, remove it and replace with a new one. If this does not stop the low oil pressure message, then one of the other two reasons are the culprit and a shadetree mechanic should not tackle either of these. Take it to a professional.

Low oil but your oil pressure gauge indicates normal pressure?

Oil level and oil pressure are different. You don't need to have full oil to get normal pressure.

My 350 engine has multiple symptoms A good size oil leak from near the balancer at the front of the engine and low oil pressure 10-20 psi at 3000 rpm and wont idle Symptoms appeared suddenly?

sounds like shes ready for a good freshin up low oil pressure sounds like worn oil pump and excessive bottom end bearing clearence,recommendations rebiuld it.

Why would Oil pressure in 1995 Ford Explorer rise?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I've heard of a plugged PCV system ( valve, hoses etc ) blowing the oil dipstick up off its seat - but I don't know if that raises the oil pressure reading on the gauge ? ( of course , there is a normal change in oil pressure from idle as the RPM's go up - to a point )

What is the Oil pump pressure?

the pressure of oil that the oil pump is pulling?

What is the function of a oil pressure switch?

If it is an oil pressure switch it grounds out internally at a set pressure to send a?æsignal to the oil pressure light that the oil pressure is low. An oil pressure sending unit sends a ?ævariable voltage signal to the gauge indicating the pressure.