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What symptoms for a dog could be whining and refusing to go out?

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April 19, 2007 5:50AM

You didn't give much information on your dog such as if it is a

puppy or you just got the dog. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and

they may smell something they don't like or it's a danger to them.

They may fear you will leave them out there and forget them. Some

breeds of dogs have separation anxiety. I went through this with my

Cockapoo male (15 lbs.) so I would go outside with him until he did

his business. In time he would go out on his own, but I always kept

my eye on him because you just never know what is lurking out in

your yard. I have a girlfriend that got a dog from SPCA in British

Columbia, Canada and is the biggest teddy bear you could ever want

and there was never any sign this dog was miserable or would attack

another human or another dog. One day we were walking by the river

and a man was coming towards us (without a dog) and it was pretty

deserted. Her dog strained on the leash and went crazy and my

girlfriend's first reaction was to smack the dog. I gave her heck

for it because if a dog low growls, snarls or acts strange when

there is a person (man/woman) coming near you then I'd listen! It

could also mean there is danger in the area you are in as far as

wild animals. Listen to your pet. They really aren't so different

then raising kids. I listen! My Bishon Frise X is 22 lbs., and

built like a Sherman tank (all muscle) and if she acts strange I

sit up and take notice. Even my Cockapoo is a great warning signal

for me. Dogs protect you, the family and the home so cut them some

slack and go outside with the dog.

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