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Every pregnancy is different, but the most common signs are missed period, sore, tender breasts, fatigue, morning sickness, urinating ALL the time.

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Q: What symptoms should you look for if you think you may be pregnant?
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If a women take prenatal pills and not pregnant will she symptoms as if she pregnant?

She might express symptoms while not actually being pregnant. But it means something physical might be going on that a doctor should look at.

You are 13 and think you are pregnant but your bf used a condom and you have been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms so what should you do?

Get a test . And if your prego then look over your options and do what ever you think is right.

What are the symptoms that a dog is pregnant?

Below is a link for pregnancy in dogs. It will tell you the symptoms to look out for. :-)

Why do you look pregnant but you are not?

Your mind can sometimes make you think your pregnant when your not and can make you have body changes to make you look pregnant.

People tell me I look pregnant and i am having symptoms but 7 tests say negative could i be pregnant?

i hav no clue

If I think my four year old has asthma, what symptoms should I look for?

The symptoms of asthma consit of coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. The best way to sure you do or dont have it is to see your doctor if all these symptoms occur.

Where can I find information on asthma and running?

You should probably see your family doctor if you think you might have asthma symptoms when you run. You could always look on WebMD for typical symptoms and information but your doctor really should be consulted.

Can drinking coke make you look pregnant?

coke is a liquid, so drinking too much of any drink can make you feel a little bloated. but generally no, it wont make you look pregnant. however, if you think you look pregnant maybe you should check to see if u actually are.

You feel pregnant but you have gotten your period every month like you should How can you know without a test?

There is not for sure way to tell that you are pregnant without a test, especially if you suspect that you are pregnant. Look for symptoms such as swollen/tender breasts, nausea, missed period, and fatigue/tiredness.

Can you take some quizzes to know if you might be pregnant?

Look up pregnancy symptoms on the internet, if you have any of those symptoms get a pregnancy test. If you are a minor in most states you can still go to a clinic for free and anonymously to be tested for pregnancy. Research your state laws on the internet as well. Dont wait if you think you are pregnant, find out!

You have all your pms signs but your period is late Since pms symptoms are basically the same as pregnancy symptoms is there anything different you should look for to tell if you may be pregnant?

a gud preg test will give u the awnser gud luck xx

Do pregnant guinea pigs look at there behind?

Sometimes... I think!

I have symptoms of pregnancy i and many friends have seen and felt movement in my stomach I also look pregnant but the test said that i am not 8 months of this what is it?

If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, you need to see a doctor. You may be pregnant or it could be a phantom pregnancy.

What are some symptoms of being pregnant when you have a Mirena?

Look for regular symptoms of pregnancy: Morning sickness, tender breasts, etc. If you're worried, then take a pregnancy test.

Can you not be pregnant but have a hard stomach and look pregnant and have not had a period in almost 5 months and have negative pregnancy test?

I think this is known as a blighted ovum.The sperm and ovum meet but not properly. You get a hormone surge, sign and symptoms of pregnancy but negative preg test. Its a real cheat.

What kind of symptoms should I look for if I had a black mold poisoning?

You should look for headache, rash, difficulty breathing/irregular breathing, dizziness, and nausea. For a complete list of symptoms, you can check (

What should you do when your guinea pig sneezes?

You should look out for any other symptoms and if there is some consult a vet.

Could you be pregnant again after giving birth 2 months ago and what would be the pregnancy signs to look for?

Yes you could be expecting again! The symptoms to look for are the same as the first time. Sore breasts, missed periods, moodiness ect... good luck my sister is 10 months older than i am :) oopsie i think you could be pregnant!

What should you do if you have all the symptoms of anemia but have had a negative blood test for anemia?

Get a Second Opinion or look up other options for your symptoms.

Before the 1970's what happened to pregnant teachers?

I think they get killed.. or what they used to say excuted,you should look on dogpile,, or Nothing.

What should the body type of a cat look like to get pregnant?


I am trying to get pregnant but I don't have a regular period. Are there any main symptoms to look for to see if I get pregnant?

if your husband starts puking one day he's pregnant alright. don't worry women can never get pregnant. so you don't have to try, only he does.

Why does your dogs nipple look like it exploded?

It is a possibility that your dog is pregnant. If she is not pregnant mybe you should check with a vet

What symptoms should I look for with mold allergies?

The symptoms to look for with mold allergies are nose bleeds and shortness of breath.Also loss of appetite and feeling light headed and also memory loss.

What should pregnacy dishcharge look like?

You should not have much discharge being pregnant, and if you do it should be pretty clear.