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What tattoo design symbolizes sexual freedom?

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Click on the link to your right for symbols.

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What tattoo symbolizes freedom?

a bird

What tattoo design symbolizes grace?

the crane and the heron symbolizes grace.

Sparrow with olive branch tattoo?

A tattoo that includes a sparrow with an olive branch symbolizes freedom, and peace. An olive branch symbolizes peace, and the sparrow freedom.

Does a shamrock tattoo symbolize sexual orientation?

No. A shamrock tattoo symbolizes Irishness. Chris

What tattoo symbolizes accomplishment?

Well, it depends on your accomplishment. Based on what you accomplished, find a nice design that is related to that and tattoo it.

What does a carp with horn tattoo symbolize?

It symbolizes when someone wants to have sexual interlousion with another.

What tattoo symbolizes success and determination?

The tattoo of Sagittarius is the tattoo that symbolizes success and determination. It also symbolizes focus. Sagittarius holds a bow and arrow as a symbol of this.

What tattoo symbolizes personal growth?

The tattoo that symbolizes personal growth is the butterfly. It may be a neck tattoo, arm band tattoo, shoulder, hand, or ankle tattoo.

What is the meaning of a flock of birds tattoo?

Most often it symbolizes freedom or togetherness, but anything could have a special meaning to anyone!

What tattoo symbolizes transformation?

One tattoo that symbolizes transformation is the butterfly. Another tattoo that also represents transformation is the lotus flower which represents beauty.

What does a dagger tattoo symbolize?

A dagger tattoo symbolizes death.

What tattoo symbolizes hardship?

A tattoo that a person can get to symbolize hardship is one of a bloody hand breaking free from chains. This would show how a person overcome all their struggles and achieved freedom.

What does a Fleur de lis tattoo mean?

the fleur de lis tattoo is a french flower that symbolizes peace along with freedom. many women get this tattoo simpley because it is a Louisiana culture icon and of course, looks "cute".

What tattoo symbolizes kindness?

A rose?

What tattoo symbolizes no fear?


What tattoo symbolizes pain?


What does a crown tattoo symbolize?

A tattoo crown symbolizes authority and loyalty

What tattoo symbolizes a second chance at life?

Tattoo saying MIRACLE

What does a Banyan Tree Tattoo Symbolize?

A Banyan tree tattoo symbolizes nationalism. It also symbolizes extended family, love and loyalty to family. To others, it symbolizes eternal life.

Skinhead cross tattoo symbolizes what?

Referred to as the "crucified skin" or simply as the "crucified", symbolizes the persecution of the skinhead cult by outsiders, the media, the general public, etc. Worn as a tattoo, pin, patch or t-shirt design by skinheads of all political (as well as apolitical) beliefs.

What tattoo symbolizes perserverance?

There are a different tattoos that may symbolizes perseverance. Some of the common ones include turtle tattoo, wolf tattoo, bear claw and so many more.

What is a good tattoo that symbolizes dream?

Clouds !

What tattoo symbolizes spirituality?

yin yang

What does a basilisk tattoo symbolize?

It symbolizes evil

What tattoo symbolizes constant change?