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Local Loop

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Q: What term describes the cabling that connects the customer site to the nearest exchange of the WAN service provider?
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What is the term for the location at the customer premise where the customer network physically connects to the Internet through a telecommunications service provider?

Point of Demarcation or Demarc for shortPOP - point of

Does everyone have a ISP?

Anyone that connects to the internet, connects through an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

What are Service Level Agreements?

ITIL defines a Service Level Agreement (SLA) as an agreement between an IT service provider and a customer. The SLA describes the IT service, records service level targets, and specifies the responsibilities for the IT service provider and the customer. A single SLA may cover multiple IT services or multiple customers.

The mutual exchange of data between a provider and payer is called?

The mutual exchange of data between a payer and provider is called electronic _______.

What is customer allegiance?

a duty of fidelity that a client feels towards the provider of a service or the supplier of a product in such a way that both parties establish a long lasting relationship. This exchange is encouraged by the supplier or provider, who gives the client special treatment that aims to retain the profitable client.

To connect to the Internet a network first connects to an?

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The middleman between the customer and the internet is the...?

Internet Service Provider

Contact service provider?

The contact number for the service provider varies depending on the provider. The phone number is often listed on the bill that is sent to the customer.

What rights do I have as the customer of a cable internet provider?

A cable internet provider customer has many rights. You have to make sure you receive the services you signed up for and you always have the option to cancel if you are not satisfied.

Can anyone recommend a good hosted exchange provider online that doesn't cost a lot?

The #1 hosted exchange provider is SherWeb. You can visit their site at You can find a list with comparisons at

How do transactions happen between the customer and the service provider?

When the customer finds the service they need and chooses the service provider they like, they just order this service by choosing date, time, and where they want to receive the service. Their payment goes to our PSP (Payment Service Provider), When the service provider provides the requested service, the payment is sent to the provider's bank account.

An ISP connects you to?

An ISP connects to the Internet through a series of portals to the main trunk lines. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider and can be a cable or phone company.