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Q: What term is used to describe an animals genes that have been altered using biotechnology?
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What term is used to describe an animal hoes genes have been altered using biotechology?

A genetically modified organism is one that has undergone gene therapy or hormone treatments. These animals are popular now in the food industry.

What are the effects of genes that are often altered by what?


What has the author Vijai Kumar Gupta written?

Vijai Kumar Gupta has written: 'Biotechnology of fungal genes' -- subject(s): Biosynthesis, Anti-Bacterial Agents, Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Fungal Genes, Fungi, Pathogenicity

What is the definition of animal biotechnology?

the use of animals or their products in enhanced form for the benefit of mankind is animal biotechnology. OR improving the animals or their products for mankind benefit is called animal biotechnology. For example: production of milk in large protein quantity or increased production of meat, producing pharmaceuticals using transgenic animals etc.

Plasmids are important in biotechnology because they are?

Because they are a vehicle for the insertion of foreign genes into bacteria.

What effects of genes are often altered by the?


What are organisms that have their genes altered called?

These organisms would be called mutants.

Can our genes be altered during life?

yes because you can change your genes and get changed to a girl to a guy or the other way around..

How is DNA fingerprinting biotechnology?

You use computers to scan fingerprints, and computers is technology. This technology is biotechnology, because everyone has different fingerprints, and it depends on his or her genes for the exact form that the fingerprint takes.

How could biotechnology best use this information to help people living in these areas?

Biotechnology could be used to insert the malaria resistant genes without causing sickle cell anemia.

Are heterozygus and homozygus genes?

"Heterozygus" and homozygus" are adjectives that describe the relationship of genes, they are not genes themselves.

How could you use biotechnology to protect plants from insects?

insert genes that produce anti-insect chemicals into the plant !