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You would have to cross the Indian ocean.

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You have to cross the Indian Ocean to travel from eastern Africa to India, but you can travel on land.

you would have to pass through the indian ocean to get from eastern Africa to india

You would have to travel through the Atlantic Ocean and then through the Indian Ocean.

You would have to cross the Indian Ocean if you wanted to travel from east Africa to India. The Indian Ocean is huge and covers around 20 percent of the Earth's surface.

Indian ocean you cross the Indian ocean to get to the other side

If you travel by air or land, you would not have to cross any ocean, depending upon your departure and arrival points. If you travel by ship, you would need to travel the Pacific and the Indian Oceans.

Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, India

australla africa asia europe india

No, they are found only found in south eastern Africa.

If you travelled from east Africa to India, you would cross the Indian Ocean. For example, the distance from Mogadishu, Somalia to Mumbai, India is 3,277 kilometers.

He wanted to find a water route to India.

The British wanted to control South Africa because it was one of the trade routes to India.

Mohandas Gandhi traveled to South Africa for work and later returned to India to free India from the British.

To reduce travel time, costs and hazards.

south africa his parents migrated there and then he moved back to india

They wanted to occupy India's land.europeans wanted to come to India thru sea route because they all wanted to buy spices and silk and muslin. all European explorers travelled thru sea route on the way to India. India at that time was called a golden bird. Columbus also wanted to come to India but he was mis directed and landed in America and founded America. bartholomew diaz on the way to India explored Africa. out of many voyagers only one got to India because one of gujarati merchant showed vasco de gama near south Africa the way to India and he safely landed in India. at that time India was a land of gold. gold was just like iron in India. so all europenas wanted to conquere India.

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