What the price of replacing a Power Antenna on a 1998 Maxima?

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dealer ship price is expensive, you can consider an aftermarket that is considerably less expensive, install yourself or have local auto shop install for you.
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How do you replace a power antenna on a 2000 Pathfinder?

I replaced my 95. I pulled the front right wheel and inner wheel well (plastic). It is above that on a small bracket. You'll need to remove the special nut on top to lower the ant down. I used (carefully) a pair of vice grips....No problem job.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1998 Nissan Maxima V6 3000?

I have had to do this twice, and the easiest way is to go from underneath. Start by removing the Air conditioning unit. Don't unscrew the Top hose on the A/C compressor unit unless you drained the fluid out (I did this and had quite a show). You can usually push the A/C Unit to the side after you re ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the power antenna motor on a 1998 Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

'98 Taurus Power Antenna Motor On my '98 Taurus SE, the antenna motor is near the rear fender on the driver's side. Remove the trunk liner and you find all sorts of things. I think the motor is or is inside the black box between a brace and the quarter panel. It is also possible to find a re ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1998 Nissan Maxima?

Open the hood and find the electrical lead into the headlamp: that plugs directly into the bulb, which is screwed into the headlamp. You just need to remove the plastic shield over the back of the headlamp to gain access, unplug the electrical lead, and unscrew the bulb. Replace the bulb, reattach t ( Full Answer )

How do you fix or replace a power antenna for a 2002 Toyota 4Runner?

You might want to look at a splash guard removal first and then go from there. I know that on a 1997 4Runner you have to remove splash guard and other items just to get to the motor. I know that on the 1997 it does not go straight down. It goes down then makes a hard bend to the middle of the vehicl ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a power antenna from a 1998 Buick Riviera?

If the antenna is stuck up, push it down as far as you can. Then pull back the carpet panel inside the trunk. Take off the wiring plug. You will need a flat screwdriver to push the tabs in on the connector to unplug it. Unbolt and unscrew the unit off of the bracket. Once it is loose, you can pull i ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the power antenna on a Hyundai accent 1998?

Answer . 1998 MY (model year) Accent vehicle do not have a power antenna. Antenna mast should simply unscrew from mount. . Step 1 . Activate the antenna switch to the up position.(turn on radio) Step 2. Using the wrench or needle-nose pliers, loosen and remove the original retaining nut on the b ( Full Answer )

How do you repair or replace the power antenna on a 1998 Toyota 4Runner?

If the antenna does not motor in and out, it can be the antenna mast OR the motor assembly. Usually you can hear the motor moving and if so, it may be ok. It is probably a broken or worn out or badly installed antenna cable. The antenna mast has a nylon sprocket cable that winds in the motor assembl ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the power antenna on a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Ltd?

Answer . I am also trying to change my antenna on a Montero Limited 02 and found a antenna on EBAY but you have to replace everything. \n. \nBUT a Better Idea is the one I found on WWW.CARSTEREOHELP.COM On this site, they say it is possible to change out the antenna whip only. This is the wee ( Full Answer )

How do you place the power antenna mast on a 1995 Nissan Maxima?

well the slotted retainer nut needs to be removed.Then have someone turn the radio on in the car, when the motor start to eject the antenna upward gentlly pull on it helping it gentlly pull til it comes all the way out. with the new antenna take the plastic slotted part and face it the way the old o ( Full Answer )

How do you replace antenna on 1998 Montero Sport?

If you just want to replace a broken mast, you just need to get a new antenna mast core from the dealership. The replacement is easily done by unscrewing the lock ring around the antenna on the top of the fender and pulling out the core. You may have to turn on the radio to extend the plastic feeder ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the power antenna on a 1993 Honda Accord?

\n. \n Power Antenna \n. \nThere are two panels in the trunk that must be removed to gain access to the power antenna. The first is on the driver's side. It covers the rear taillight electrical plugs. After this one is removed, the large panel on the driver's side of the trunk needs to be r ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the power antenna mast on a 95 Avalon XLS?

Find one over internet years ago and did the replacement with success, that means not a hard job. Mast base on trunk is easy to remove. Be sure to open the box, in the trunk, where plastic strip is stored, to dump broken strip and place the replacement. Trim the replacement strip gradually to the pr ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the power antenna assembly on a 1993 Seville?

pull trim back on right side of trunk unplg two connectors from ant assy 1 coax and 1 three wire connecter from relay unbolt ground cable get 94!! ant kit from dealer with adaptor connector un bolt two bolts holding ant to bracket pull ant down hars leave your old grommet in fender top and shove new ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a starter on 1998 Nissan Maxima?

Disconnect the negative battery cable . Remove the air intake duct and the air cleaner housing assembly from the engine compartment . Disconnect the battery cable and the solenoid terminal connection from the starter solenoid . Remove the starter motor mounting bolts and detach the starter from t ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a broken power antenna on a 1999 Infiniti I30?

Answer . \n1. Remove the cover that holds the antenna.This is located outside the antenna.No need to go inside your trunk. There will be two little holes on top of the cover plate.(I am sure there is an special tool that Infintany would like you to buy). I used Spark plug pliers.Because they ar ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the power antenna on Mercury Villager?

Answer . I have replaced a non-powered antenna on a 1997 Mercury Villager - I assume they are the same. 1) Jack up the front passenger size of the car. 2) Remove the tire. 3) You can now remove the wheel-well. There are a set or screws around the wheel, and there are blind expansion pins o ( Full Answer )

Can a mast power antenna be replaced with a regular antenna on a 2004 Toyota Celica?

Answer . \nWhy yes!\n. \nYou can reach into the trunk (if it's in the trunk as usual) and unplug the antenna cable (pull it off) it may take a little tugging. It is the cable that plugs onto the side of the motor pack. \nThen unbolt the hanger strap nut (a 10 mm nut). Push the threaded part bac ( Full Answer )

How do you replace antenna on 1998 Honda Civic?

Honda Civic Car Stereo Antenna Removal and Installation . Car Stereo Repair Home | Car Stereo Removal | BOSE repair | FAQ | Shipping | Top 10 | About Us . Broken antenna mast !. 1) Remove two screws securing antenna mast base to roof.. 1) See car stereo removal instructions for r ( Full Answer )

How do you replace 1998 Nissan Pathfinder antenna?

This looks like a good writeup. I haven't tried it yet, but will be doing it soon, since it sounds so easy.. http://www.drivewire.com/part/audio-video/power-antenna-mast/

How do you replace the power steering hose in a 2002 maxima?

Just unscrew both sides of the hose you are replacing. Compare it to your new hose, check if the new hose came with the proper O-rings if not reuse the old ones. Once you have tightened up both ends of the hose if is a good idea to use a floor jack to lift the front of the car just enough to raise t ( Full Answer )

How do you Replace a starter motor on a 1998 Nissan Maxima?

Answer . Remove the hose to the air filter and air filter assembly, you will be able to see the starter. Two bolts hold in place.. Answer . Remove the hose to the air filter and air filter assembly, you will be able to see the starter. Two bolts hold in place.

How to replace a radio in a 1998 Nissan Maxima?

Fallow the steps: 1. Buy a headunit and make sure you have a compatible wiring harness. 2. Remove the center stack 2.a just pull up gently on the plastic around the shift boot and it will come off, this will grant you access to the lower bolts. Look forward and you will see 2 bolts (one on each side ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the power antenna on a Mitsubishi Diamante?

(1997-2003 models) If you pull back the carpet on the drivers side of the trunk you will see a bracket. The bracket mounts the emergency fuel pump cut off and a fuel pump relay (i believe). Upon removal of the bracket (2 Phillips screws and a 11mm bolt) the Power Antenna assembly is exposed. After u ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the power antenna on a 1997 Mitsubishi 3000gt?

To access the power antenna you have to remove the storage container next the spare tire. then remove the screws holding the plastic piece in place. Pry back the plastic trim and you will see the antenna behind it. On the outside there is a cross shaped piece holding the antenna in place. find somet ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the power antenna on a 1999 subaru legacy sedan?

Hi fellow Legacy owner. I'm in the midst of replacing that antenna. Found lots of replacement ones for sale on eBay. I probably only need the mast as my motor still works, but I've not yet found mast only for sale (found your query instead). yikes, what a lot of stuff I've had to take apart to get ( Full Answer )

How to replace the mast of 2001 Mitsubishi montero power antenna?

i broke mine 3 times remove the little ring around the mast should have 4 slots then turn on the radio and it will pop out. to put back have some one help you take new mast with plastic gear and insert then turn radio off it will pull right back into place.. should take no longer than 3 min good lu ( Full Answer )

How do you replace an egr valve on a 1998 Nissan Maxima?

Remove the air intake duct from the throttle body and air filter housing . Detach the vacuum line from the EGR valve.Disconnect the EGR pipe nut . Remove the EGR valve mounting fasteners . Remove the EGR valve and gasket from the manifold.Discard the gasket . With a wire wheel buff the exhaust d ( Full Answer )

Replace power steering pump on 1998 maxima?

Disconnect the negative battery cable . Loosen the tensioner and remove the drivebelt . Using a large syringe or suction gun suck as much fluid out of the power steering fluid reservoir as possible.Place a drain pan under the vehicle to catch any fluid that spills out when the hoses are disconnect ( Full Answer )

How do you replace an antenna in a 1998 Honda civic?

Remove the lower dash panel under the steering wheel. Open the glove box, push in on the sides to release the stops, and let it open all the way to the floor. Remove the four screws holding on the center lower dash panel, unhook the 12v socket and remove the panel. Look up into the bottom of the rad ( Full Answer )

Replace the power antenna on your 1994 sable wagon?

the power antenna is located on right front. I jacked my car, and removed the right front wheel. Then there are some small screws which are keep the inner fender plastic. unscrew them. You can reach with your hand the power antenna. Unplug the power wire, and the antenna wire, and unscrew those s ( Full Answer )